What is Vo5G or VoNR? Everything you need to know

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After waiting for a long time, finally, the 5G services rollout has started for the masses in India. The two telco giants that have the lead in the segment are Airtel and Jio. However, the services are not rolled out for every individual and every city until now. The companies have shared a timeline for the complete roll out of their 5G services in India along with the plan pricing and other details.

How many of you remember the changes we got to see in our phones at the time when the 4G network was launched? The main addition was the VoLTE-based network or the Voice of LTE. The VoLTE allowed users to make calls via LTE/4G mobile network.

Similarly, in the case of VoNR, people will encounter a new term, VoNR which stands for Voice over New Radio. Here we will explain what exactly Voice of New Radio or VoNR is and why it is going to be necessary for the future.

What is Vo5G or VoNR?

The VoNR or the Vo5G is the basic principle on which the 5G network will be managed. It will work in quite identical way as the VoLTE works. Nevertheless, to support the same, the telecom operators are supposed to use standalone technology instead of Non-standalone technology.

The main reason behind the same is that the tech will work in order to remove the traditional methods. Talking about the Indian market, Jio is using the 5G Standalone tech, while Airtel is still stuck with the 5G non-standalone tech. Still, we can expect that the transition from NSA to SA is going to happen pretty soon and it all let the operators deploy new services like the VoNR.

How does VoNR or Vo5G work?

IMS works as the voice enabler using the 5G core in the case of the VoNR. IMS, or the IIP Multimedia System core, is nothing but an architectural framework that provides multimedia communication services. Not only this, but the IMS core also works for the optimization of call quality. The calls on 5G network are carried out as end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) connections, and these are managed by IMS.

The VoNR network architecture comprises a 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) coupled with a 5G core. The VoNR eradicates the LTE anchor and allows the call to stay on a 5G network from the UE via the RAN and the core. The VoNR puts 5G RAN, 5G Core, and IMS infrastructure into work by integrating all of them.

Benefits of Vo5G or VoNR

  • Users will be able to get high-quality voice calls even in lower latency of 5G networks.
  • It will push the use of 5G SA, which is better and more advanced as compared to the 5G NSA.
  • The dual connectivity (DC) of the functionality will offer enhanced voice coverage in the uplink direction.
  • The quality of sound and videos on a call will be improved to a considerable level with Vo5G.

When will VoNR/Vo5G be available in India?

We can anticipate Vo5G/VoNR services to start in India in the next few months as operators expand their 5G network footprint.

Phones with Vo5G or VoNR

Here comes the most important question. The answer to the same is quite simple, as of now, not all the 5G phones in the Indian market are compatible with the Vo5G or the VoNR functionality.

A few Samsung smartphones, like the Galaxy S21 series, and Galaxy S22 series, are compatible with Vo5G or VoNR. On the other hand, Oppo devices like Oppo Reno 6 Pro, Reno 7 Pro, and Reno 8 series are also compatible with the same.

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