What is Spotify Wrapped 2021 and How to get it?

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Almost all the music apps these days, compile a yearly roundup wherein they show you how much music you listened to this year, your favorite artists, genres and tracks, etc. Spotify has just released their “Wrapped” for 2021, which is similar to what they did in 2020 too. It is an amazing representation of what you listened to this year.

To know what is Spotify wrapped up and how you can find it, read on.

What is Spotify Wrapped 2021

It is the yearly review by Spotify that they provide for every user who uses their app, whether the user is premium or free. This yearly feature shows you your listening habits over the past year or so.

In 2020, Spotify started using an Instagram story-like carousel to compile your listening habits in one place. Showing you the songs you listened to the most, your top artists, and even how many minutes you spent listening to this year. There are a lot of those cool statistics in here, but the most likable feature is the curated playlists that Spotify creates. These playlists are present for not only your popular songs but also those around the country and the world.

How to find your “Spotify Wrapped”?

It can be found only on the Spotify App on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. When you open the app, you will see a banner in the middle about Spotify Wrapped 2021. Just tap on that. It might look slightly different for different people.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 banner looked like this for me

If the banner is not visible, then search in the search bar for “Spotify:special:2021” and that will take you to your Spotify Wrapped for 2021.

Here, you will see an Instagram story-like format that will show you the different music you listened to this year. It will show your listening habits too.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 in the Instagram story like form

Once you get to to the final story, it will show you the Top Artists and Top Songs that you listened to this year. As well as how many minutes you listened to Spotify for and your top Genre of music.

Top Artists, Songs, and Genre for me

You can tap on the “Share” button visible on the bottom to share this to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Stories, or elsewhere.

Sharing my interests

This is how Spotify Wrapped works for 2021.

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How to “Add Your Top Songs 2021” to your library

You can add the “Your Top Songs 2021” playlist to your library. These are your top 100 songs that you listened to this year, and you’ll be able to add them to your library very easily.

While going through the Instagram Story-like carousel we talked about, on the 5th story you will see something that says that you deserve a playlist that is as long as your skincare routine.

My 2021 Wrapped playlist by Spotify

This will show you the playlist and a button to “Add to library”. Just tap on that button and it will be added to your library. Alternatively, if you don’t want to browse through that carousel, you can search for “Your Top Songs 2021” and it should be the first result.

What other Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlists are there?

Spotify doesn’t just make playlists for each user, it also makes other 2021 playlists, to help you find the music you might have missed or even forgotten about.

Fresh Finds 2021 playlists

On the Spotify homepage, we can see a new carousel that says “Best of Fresh Finds 2021”, this has several different Fresh Finds Playlists for different genres including-

  • Fresh Finds Latin
  • Fresh Finds Indie: Best of 2021
  • Fresh Finds Dance: Best of 2021
  • Fresh Finds Pop
  • Fresh Finds Hip-Hop
  • Fresh Finds Rock

And many more

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Spotify also makes other playlists for Spotify Wrapped 2021. These are found towards the top of the homepage in the Spotify Wrapped section. These playlists include-

  • Top Trending Tracks of 2021
  • Top Hindi Tracks of 2021
  • Top Punjabi Tracks 2021
  • Top Hindi Male Artists of 2021
  • Top Hindi Female Artists of 2021

And many more

2021 Wrapped curated playlists by Spotify

These will differ based on your country. There are 1000’s playlists to be discovered with songs of all genres. This is all about the Spotify Wrapped 2021.

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