Android is the DNA of more than 80% of the smartphones that we see around us today. All the Android showdown started almost 4 years back when Android was introduced by Google and everything of and about mobile phones got transformed. Mobile phones were no more just mobile phones, they began to evolve as smartphones. As the platform developed, we saw several other versions of Android rolling out. The latest of them is known to all of us as Android Lollipop 5.0. And almost all major brands have already rolled out the updated build for their smartphones.


This time it is about Verizon wireless carrier sending out the Lollipop update for Samsung Galaxy S4 users. Earlier we have known the leading wireless service provider in the US, AT&T had started rolling out the same update for Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 is now almost 2 years old flagship smartphone by Samsung, which has been succeeded by Samsung galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. The software is coming with the build number LRX22C.I545VRUGOC1. You can download the update by checking for the software update under the Settings menu. This will manually pull the updated firmware build download to your Galaxy S4.

Lately Android Lollipop has gone to its first upgraded version Lollipop 5.1 and in fact many smartphones have already started getting the whole new dress, but for Galaxy S4 the trail will be limited to Lollipop 5.0 only as of now. The new update induces a better material design, improved security features and new notification icons.


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