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Vande Bharat Express aka Train 18 officially started its commercial run after being flagged off by honorable PM Narendra Modi on February 15, 2019. The train is entirely developed indigenously developed under the “Make in India” program. In fact, it is the first Semi High-Speed Train that will run at 160kmph speeds. While the Delhi – Varanasi was the first commercial Vande Bharat train, Indian Railway also launched a Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat train that will cut down travel time from 12 hours to 8 hours.

Vande Bharat Express: What’s So Special About It?

The Vande Bharat Express is a semi-high speed train designed and built by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai under the central government’s Make in India initiative over a span of 18 months against the world standard of 36 months. by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai. It is touted as India’s first engineless and self-propelled train adds to its specialty.

It is also capable of touching a top speed of 200-210 KMPH and during trials, it was run at a maximum speed of 180 KMPH. However, the Indian railway has capped its operational speeds at 130KMPH while ensuring all the comfort for passengers.

Speaking of accommodation, these trains offer a state of the art interior that meets global standards. The passengers even get a glass-bottom luggage rack in every coach. The train has ‘Executive Class’ and ‘Chair Car’ where former Coches offer more luxurious amenities.

All the cabins are air-conditioned. Some of the highlights of Vande Bharat trains are 360 degrees rotated comfortable seats, individual reading lights, individual infotainment systems, individual mobile charging points, centralized control automatic door systems, advanced regenerative braking systems, no chain pulling system and more.

Currently, these trains are running on two routes – Delhi to Varanasi and Delhi to Kartra.

Indian Railway has assigned the Delhi to Varanasi Vande Bharat Express train numbers are 22436 and 22435 for to and fro trains.

Similarly, the Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express assigned train numbers are 22439 and 22440 for up and down trains respectively.

Delhi-Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Ticket Fares List

From Delhi to Varanasi, the Vande Bharat Express ticket for air-conditioned chair car will cost Rs 1760 and the fare for the executive class will be Rs 3310. On the return journey, chair car will cost Rs 1700 and the executive class will cost Rs 3260. Here’s the  Complete fares list from New Delhi, Varanasi, Allahabad, and Kanpur.

New Delhi – Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price List & Fare Details

Journey Executive Chair Car* AC Chair Car*
New Delhi to Varanasi Rs. 3310 Rs. 1760
Varanasi to New Delhi Rs. 3260 Rs. 1700
New Delhi to Prayagraj (Allahabad) Rs. 2725 Rs. 1385
Prayagraj (Allahabad) to New Delhi Rs. 2915 Rs. 1550
New Delhi to Kanpur Rs. 2085 Rs. 1080
Kanpur to New Delhi Rs. 2190 Rs. 1195
Kanpur to Prayagraj (Allahabad) Rs. 1170 Rs. 595
Prayagraj (Allahabad) to Kanpur Rs. 1260 Rs. 645
Kanpur to Varanasi Rs. 1845 Rs. 1030
Varanasi to Kanpur Rs. 1690 Rs. 860
Prayagraj (Allahabad) to Varanasi Rs. 1190 Rs. 700
Varanasi to Prayagraj (Allahabad) Rs. 1050 Rs. 545

*fare prices excluding taxes and are subject to change | Source: www.irctc.co.in


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Delhi-Varanasi Vande Bharat Train Time Table Schedule

As per IRCTC, the Vande Bharat Train will commence its journey from New Delhi at 6 AM from New Delhi station and will reach Varanasi at 2 PM. In between, it will halt at 10:20 AM in Kanpur for 2 minutes and at Allahabad (Prayagraj) at 12:25 PM for 2 minutes.

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And in the evening, the return journey departs at 3 PM to reach Delhi at 11 PM. Again, it will halt at Allahabad (Prayagraj) and Kanpur at 4:35 PM and 6:30 PM respectively for 2 minutes each.

The Vande Bharat Train will run five days a week, except on Monday and Thursday.

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List of Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express Ticket Prices

Delhi Katra Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price List & Fare Details

Journey Executive Chair Car* AC Chair Car*
New Delhi to Katra Rs. 3015 Rs. 1630
Katra to New Delhi Rs. 2965 Rs. 1570
New Delhi to Jammu Tawi Rs. 2560 Rs. 1300
Jammu Tawi to New Delhi Rs. 2755 Rs. 1465
New Delhi to Ludhiana Rs. 1715 Rs. 905
Ludhiana to New Delhi Rs. 1800 Rs. 1005
New Delhi to Ambala Cant. Rs. 1325 Rs. 715
Ambala Cant. to New Delhi Rs. 1415 Rs. 815
Ambala Cant. to Katra Rs. 2390 Rs. 1330
Katra to Ambala Cant. Rs. 2340 Rs. 1275
Ludhiana to Katra Rs. 2050 Rs. 1165
Katra to Ludhiana Rs. 1755 Rs. 885

*fare prices excluding taxes and are subject to change | Source: www.irctc.co.in

Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express Time Table Schedule

The 22439 Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Train number starts its journey from the New Delhi railway station at 6am to reach Katra at 2pm. En route, there’s two minutes halt at Ambala Cantt, Ludhiana, and Jammu Tawi.

Similarly, the return journey 22440 Katra-New Delhi Vande Bharat Express leaves from the Katra railway station at 3pm and reaches New Delhi railway station at 11pm. It too takes two minutes stop-overs at Jammu Tawi, Ludhiana, and Ambala Cantt station.

How To Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket Online

Now that you know the features, fare, schedule details, let’s get to know how to book tickets of the Vande Bharat Express (Train 18). You could either book tickets via Indian Railways stations and counters or through the IRCTC web portal and Rail Connect app. This is how you can book Vande Bharat Express tickets from IRCTC website:

1. Go to IRCTC e-ticketing website at irctc.co.in and login to your existing account. If you are not an existing user, you can register yourself following easy steps.

2. Enter your trip origin and destination details in ‘From’ and ‘To’ stations in ‘Book your ticket’ section.

3. Select the date of travel

4. Choose Vande Bharat Express.

5. Select either AC Chair car or Executive in the type.

6. Next, fill in the passenger details and review them

7. Finally, make the payment and Voila, now you can travel.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Train is decent, but toilets are extremely dirty. They are horrible. They constantly require more attention. Soap needs to be replenished when it runs out. You probably need to hire people to clean toilets because customers make a mess whenever they use it. In addition to that, seat tray was very sticky so we had to put newspapers to avoid our clothes and hands from getting dirty. Also please give customers extra hand sanitizers if cleanliness cannot be maintained. Overall experience is decent but please give toilets a top priority as there are higher likelihood of getting a urinary infection among women. It was our first experience with vande Bharat and it didn’t leave a great impression on us. I believe Indian Railways need to implement and maintain strict policies related to cleanliness in order to get wide spread recognition and respect.

  2. This train shows the economical and infrastructural devolopment of our country. Great work by modi ji but due to delhi katra vande bharat express many passenger or general trains have to wait on stations for very long time. for example patiala ambala passenger wait for 15 minutes so vande bharat can pass…. many workers and college student depend upon train to reach college and office. so its my humble request to authorities to take further steps so normal trains can run on time..
    thank you

  3. Very good train. All staff have a good and polite behavior . I am proud to my Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi .

  4. General people suffers delay 8 – 10 hrs train. No one can even think of that. Train badhao per lines mat badhao….. Patri do per train 500 – 600 jinko inhi do patriyo per run krna h

  5. Rajdhani is better than this. The same charges. Rajdhani reach Patna in 12 hrs. From Varanasi to Patna it takesc 4 hrs.Vande express reach varanasi in 8 hrs. What makes difference in vande express and rajdhani. Also the price was same.


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