Businesses across the board are stepping up and doing their part in alleviating the Covid 19 crisis. Uber India is the new one to come forward. The company has launched the ‘UberMedic’ program, whereby its wide network of drivers and technologies will be employed in transporting medical workers.

Uber has a big scale in India, at least in the major cities. Just the other year, it reported 14 million passengers a week in the subcontinent. Now, with that grasp on the market, the brand should be of some help in these tough times.

How UberMedic works

Under this new initiative, top-rated drivers and dedicated cars will be assigned to healthcare authorities or hospitals. The cabs will be used for the conveyance of frontline healthcare providers to and from their homes as well to health care and medical facilities.

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This will be a 24/7 service.

The drivers will be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including hand sanitizers, gloves, disinfectant sprays, and face masks.

They will also be well-trained in COVID-19 related safety protocols, such as not allowing riders to sit in the front passenger seat.

The cabbies will be given dedicated phone support too.

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Uber also welcomes whomsoever wants to partner with them on this noble cause. Also, in case you know of hospitals who are looking for mobility solutions for their health workers, please contact Uber India at 080 4685 2190 between 8 am and 8 pm, or email at


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