Cyber security and internet phishing have recently been real time ordeals for all tech-giants and social media websites. Recently we posted about the refined set of rules disclosed by Google for publishing of an app by its developer on the Google Play Store. Just after Google released an update for Play Store, as promised earlier by Google, it was revealed that Google is going to set new verification methods for developers to get their app published. And now the big news is coming from the micro-blogging giant, Twitter. Twitter has reportedly found a way to keep offensive tweets away and are planning with their heads dug deep in to implement the same.


A new tweet filter is going to be introduced which will automatically remove all the tweets from the notification area which will contain any abusive, explicit or duplicate content. A Twitter spokesperson revealed that this quality filter is not publically available, but only to a specifically authenticated section of society, such as business tycoons, actors, celebrities, etc. this filter, as reported, is not a brand new one. It is just an improvised version of the previously implemented version of the same.

There have been a lot of offensive trolls and comments on Twitter which target personally, and have been a real subject matter of serious concern lately. With Twitter’s new quality filter, it finally seems like managing socially explicit content will come handy for Twitter.


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