Android has been juicing up most of the smartphones all around the globe and that comes all easy with the Google Play Store, which provides seamless access to apps and widgets on the go. This year we have a Play Store update coming out, as promised by Google. And soon after this update, through a report by TOI, we discovered that Google is preparing to make things tighter for a good cause. A new set of protocols is all set to be rolled out for Play Store by Google.


The tech giant, Google, is said to be following the footsteps of one of the best smartphone manufacturers, Apple. Apple’s very own App Store is pretty strict when it comes to guidelines and pre-requisites for being an App provider. Google said in its official blog on Tuesday that its expert team will screen each app submitted by developers to spot earlier anything that runs afoul of its rules. Google had only used automated technology for screening at the time of submission.

Developers will now have to answer some dedicated questionnaires to provide the legitimitate quotient to their apps and to help Google verify that it contains no prohibited or malicious content. And then forth, launching of a verified app will just be a matter of few hours, as reported by Google.


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