Top 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in December 2023

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Your phones can do wonders but thanks to the millions of apps available on the App Store. These apps strapped your iPhone with capabilities right from tracking your location, doing banking transactions, capturing cinematic shots, and investing in the global stock market and beyond. However, if you stick to the same set of top 10-20 apps, you are missing out on hidden treasures. 

As we have entered the last month of this year, it’s time to try five more new and useful apps before we transcend to the future i.e. 2024. Of course, these apps might not have the mainstream apps that you would find on the App Store on the front page itself but rather apps that you should be trying yourself. 



Used across the globe by millions, Photomath is still a lesser-known app that lets you solve math problems with a click, literally. The app, designed for math from school level to advanced calculus, lets you discover solutions more simply by clicking a photo of the sum. The app contains step-by-step explanations, interactive graphs, video learning, word problem instructions, and more. 

Photomath covers everything from numbers and quality, and algebra geometry to trigonometry and calculus as well. Note that some of the features are behind the paywall so you will have to subscribe to get access. 

Download: Photomath



Designed on ChatGPT 4, KnowItAll is your ultimate app for everything from grammar checks, social media posts, program code, and scripts for YouTube and you can name it. The app doesn’t require any login credentials. If you have used OpenAI ChatGPT, the KnowItAll will be a piece of cake as it lets you do everything ChatGPT would do right at your disposal and yes, it is free to use.

Download: KnowItAll



Investing in the Indian stock market has been made easy thanks to apps like Upstox, PayTM, Zerodha, and Grow among others. However, what if you want to invest in US stocks? Is it possible? Well, the answer is yes. Vested is an all-powerful app that lets you invest in US stocks and ETFs remitting INR to USD and back. You can check out stocks and ETFs from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla, and countless others. Vested lets you dive into the analytics and performance of each stock both before and after you invest keeping you well-informed about your next steps.

The best advice is to diversify in different sectors such as healthcare, real estate, tech, retail, and finance, among others. Vested also supports investing in INR bonds, P2P Lending, and Solar Projects to name a few. You will find a tonne of options right within the app such as Vested Academy to get in-depth knowledge, 10-13% returns on panels, and market data of over 5,000 stocks and ETFs to name a few. 

Download: Vested



“Alia Bhatt’s airport looks are just amazing”, “Kriti Sanon’s gown looks ravishing in that gown”, and “I wonder where I can get that look?”. If these are the questions you have, LehLah is an app for you. It is a fashion and beauty app that lets you find your favorite creator’s looks and ensemble. Yep, simply search, tap, and check out where you can buy that outfit from our assortment of brands that offer exclusive offers just for you. 

Give your outfit a makeover, shop curated looks, enjoy the scoop on fashion insights, and even earn on every sale you make on LehLah.

Download: LehLah

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

Internet censorship, surveillance, and potential attacks from intruders and hackers are some reasons why using the internet in India or abroad is a risky thing. With PIA VPN, you can take advantage of encryption ciphers that keep all your sent and received data secured. PIA has a no-logs policy that prevents the service provider from logging any of the user data. 

PIA VPN has a coverage of 35,000+ servers spread across all the continents including Africa and South American continents, often the most forgotten part of the world. PIA offers both free trials although you should take the subscription if you want to use it for long-term and premium features.

Download: Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

Wrapping Up!

With that, we concluded our take on the 5 best iOS apps you must try in December 2023. You can check out our take on November 2023 and October 2023 to grab more useful apps than ever. 

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