Xiaomi has announced the next version of its homegrown MIUI software in India. The MIUI 9 primarily focuses on speeding up the interface and Xiaomi’s integrated apps. Xiaomi will soon start rolling out this new update to all of its popular devices, some even dating back to 2012.

The new MIUI 9 should be a treat for Xiaomi loyalists as it includes numerous refinements, and offers a better experience in terms of stability, smoothness and battery backup. The UI also brings some cool and interesting features that come handy when you interact with your Xiaomi smartphone.

Here’s presenting top 10 MIUI 9 features that you should know about:

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Faster UI

The focus with MIUI is speed. Xiaomi claims that its new software is optimized to be almost as fast as the stock Android. Two key areas the company has worked on are reducing app launch time and on improving overall smoothness of UI transitions.

App Vault

Xiaomi is adding a left pane to the home screen, which is where you’d find Goole Now feed in the Google Now launcher.

From here, you can directly make Paytm payment, access frequently used apps, check your news feed or book an Ola cab. That increases convenience for consumers and should also help Xiaomi generate some revenue.

Split Screen

MIUI 9 brings Android Nougat’s multitasking Split-screen feature to its platform. The feature works the same way as the Nougat UI. It divides your viewfinder into two halves so that you can access two different apps, simultaneously.

To make it work on your Xiaomi device, tap on your Recent button and select “Split-ScreenMode” written on the top of your screen. Now drag the apps you want to use in the split screen mode and that’s it. You can swap the top and bottom app in a jiffy, something you can’t do as conveniently on stock Android.

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Better Home Screen Editing

The home screen editing option has been redefined in MIUI 9 interface. It has only three options – wallpaper, widgets, and settings, at the bottom menu of the home screen editing (long press on empty home screen space).

Also, you can move/drag multiple apps, and manage them accordingly – either uninstall or create a folder for all of them – in the MIUI 9.

Update in Security App

New options have been added to the MIUI 9 security app. You can now control most of the feature from its main screen like boost speed, Dual apps, Second space, and App lock among others. Everything looks very clean and neat in the new update.

New Lock Screen

Xiaomi has also enhanced its lock screen in the new update. You can now access more settings by swiping to the right on your lock screen, which will have information of all the Xiaomi connected devices like Mi Home and Mi Remote. There’s also a flashlight icon which may come in handy in certain situations.

Image Search

The image search feature on MIUI 9 will allow you to search your photo library for photos for people, locations, expressions, events, documents, screenshots, and more. The feature is similar to Google’s image search feature in Photos App.

Quick Reply

Now you no longer have to open an app, just to send a reply. You can send it directly from the notification bar by swiping with two fingers, and you will see the option to send a reply. Also, the MIUI 9 stack your all notification from the same app in a group, same as in stock Android.

Manage Notifications

There is another feature that has been added in MIUI 9 and it is called the Notification Filter. With this feature, the software clubs all those notification from one app together. This also ensures that you are not disturbed by notifications from the same app again and again.

Update in Security App

New options have been added to the MIUI 9 security app. You can now control most of the feature from its home screen like boost speed, Dual apps, Second space, and App lock among others. Everything looks very clean and neat in the new update.

Limitless theme and Animated icons

Xiaomi’s Global MIUI is still more in line with the Chinese taste, which is understandable considering its genesis. With a new Limitless theme that will be available out of the box changes the icons designs and changes like transparent app drawer background that should appeal more to the global taste.


The MIUI 9 also has a total of 21 icons that will animate everytime you switch back to the home screen.

New Photo Editor and MI Video

MIUI also has a new Photo editor that can easily remove or erase unwanted objects in an image just by swiping over them using your finger.

The Mi Video app can now automatically group videos, supports more video formats and has support for multilingual subtitles.

Mi Drop and Other Apps on Play Store

The Mi Drop which used to be buried in settings is a separate app now. And it’s now available on Play store as well. You can also share it directly with your friends without internet whenever you need to locally share content.

Xiaomi has also made Mi Calculator and Mi Explorer app available on the Google Play Store.


MIUI 9 will refine the IRCTC ticket confirmation message as an interactive card that shows all the relevant information and has an active button to track PNR status as well. This should be a huge convenience to frequent railway travelers.

MIUI 9 Stickers

MIUI 9 also adds interactive stickers that you can have fun with. There are 12 new sticker sets, four of which have been specifically designed for India.

Panchang Calendar

And especially for its Indian user base, Xiaomi has also added Panchang calendar to the calendar app along with things like the horoscope, sports schedules, cricket news, ‘On this day’, and several other nifty features.

MIUI 9 Availability and Compatible Devices

MIUI 9 Beta is already available for download. The official stable update should start rolling out by mid-November on Redmi Note 4, Mi Mix 2, and Mi Max 2.

Eventually, MIUI 9 update will be rolled out to most of the Xiaomi phones, as listed in the image below.

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  1. Xiaomi come with some great features loaded into it’s latest os MIUI 9. Split screen ,app vault are some good new features with miui 9.


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