Threads app crosses 100 millionth mark in less than five days

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Twitter’s biggest competitor Threads app by Meta has surpassed the mark of 100 million users. It took Threads less than five days to reach this mark whereas OpenAI’s CHatGPT took two months to reach this milestone.

Launched on Wednesday – July 6, the app received massive popularity citing an ongoing feud between Twitter’s Elon Musk and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg. Threads was a smash hit scoring two millionth marker in the first two hours. It steadily reached various milestones only to reach the 100 millionth mark earlier on Monday as per Zuckerberg.

Threads made its debut last week as an alternative to Twitter. The text-based social media platform lets you connect your Instagram account and enjoy sharing posts, photos, and videos with relaxed limitations, unlike Twitter. It does lack some features such as there’s no chronological feed or you cannot delete your Threads profile without losing Instagram posts too. There’s no robust search feature as well. However, it is a newly launched app and we should expect features that will be added to its catalogue soon.

Quiver Quantitative collected the number of users signing that is progressing by hours. However, the algorithm cannot detect the number of users leaving the platform as well. At present, your feed should with filled with posts from celebrities, brands, and influencers flocking from Twitter where the latter is losing traction over traffic.

As of Thursday which is basically a day after it made its debut, more than 95 million posts were published on the platform along with 190+ million likes. Meta is attempting to outdo Twitter which is standing at more than 260 million daily active users as of November last year although the traffic suggests it is tanking.

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