Taking care of health and fitness is always important but it is more crucial in the current on-the-go lifestyle. While good eating habits and physical activities are the keys to achieving a fit body but keeping a track of fitness is a tedious job. Well, you can swiftly keep a record of your body weight and other health parameters with a good quality weighing scale.

Modern weighing scales offer plenty of advanced features with accurately telling your body weight and other parameters like BMI, body fat, protein rate, muscle mass, etc. To figure out the performance of a smart weighing scale, you should figure out the following affecting factors:

  • Accuracy: A general-purpose weighing scale might not provide output like a medical-level device but it should record the reading consistently with minimum errors.
  • Features: Smart scales should be capable of measuring weight, body-mass index, body age, fat level, visceral fat, body water level, bone mass, protein amount, etc. 
  • Display: The display of the weighing scale should offer easy readability with a large enough screen size and simple fonts.
  • Connectivity: As the name suggests, a smart scale should be connected to smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to offer health data stats and calculations.
  • Price: Last but not least, various brand offers different weighing scales at different price points to fit the most pockets. 

So it is wise to first analyze self-requirement and budget before picking buying a smart scale. To help a bit, we have curated a list of the best smart scales available online. Let’s explore.

1. Renpho Body Fat Smart Scale

The Renpho weighing scale is the most popular device in the category all around the globe.  The scale is dubbed to be equipped with advanced technology to offer to monitor 13 key body composition parameters. The scale can be easily connected with an unlimited number of users which makes it suitable for a complete family. Moreover, it works with different fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit app, Google Fit, and Samsung Health. The data can be analysed and tracked daily, weekly or monthly. 

Price: ₹2,059 | Amazon

2. Meditive Bluetooth Digital BMI Weight Scale

This Bluetooth-enabled Meditive smart scale is something you can bet upon for its useful host of features. It helps you in tracking 13 different body measurements to keep an eye on health and fitness. For fat analysis, the machine works based on the electrical impedance principle, so it is suggested to stand on the scale on bare feet. It can be connected with ‘Fitdays’ app available for free. Otherwise, it allows integration with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung Health mobile apps. It offers ten user memory.

Price: ₹1,690 | Amazon | Flipkart

3. Dr Trust Digital Smart Rechargeable Weighing Scale

Dr Trust is an eminent brand for offering health care products and this smart weighing scale proves one such device. It provides tracking of 18 different body measures with unmatched accuracy and reliability. The inclusion of four high-precision sensors does the job reliably. The data can be conveniently synced to mobile via Bluetooth and DrTrust 360 app. It packs a rechargeable battery enabling the user to charge with a USB port. The ultra-sleek construction makes it safe for portability. 

Price: ₹1,699 | Amazon | Flipkart

4. eufy by Anker Smart Scale

eufy Smart Scale is an intelligent device for measuring various body measurements. It is capable to monitor 14 body metrics and showing results on an easy-to-read display. It offers quick conversion of kilograms to pounds and back. There are two pairs of G-shaped sensors installed inside the machine with super-sensitive functionality. It can track and save data for up to 16 users. Support for the EufyLife mobile app makes it more friendly. 

Price: ₹3,299 | Amazon | Flipkart

5. ActiveX (Australia) Smart Weighing Scale

Coming at an affordable price, the ActiveX weighing scale offers a reasonable body measuring experience. It allows users to track 13 essential body indices with its high-precision sensors. It connects with a smartphone with a free Activex app, offers a proper fitness goal, and ships with access to two free e-books and a measuring tape. The LED display supports auto on/off, low battery indication and overload alert. The glass surface features 6mm tempered glass.

Price: ₹1,799 | Amazon | Flipkart

6. HealthSense Bluetooth BMI Weight Machine

The HealthSense smart scale is the most affordable health tracking device on the list. It performs equally efficient as others. It is packed with four G sensors and ‘Step On’ technology to immediately calculate the result as soon as one stands on the scale. It can be connected with a smartphone via the ‘Fitdays’ app available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It provides calculation and analysis for the entire family.

Price: ₹1,499 | Amazon | Flipkart

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section which smart weighing scale do you like and why.


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