Microsoft has been the unrivaled king of the operating system universe. Starting with the earliest versions of Windows decades back, it continues to be the only popular and friendly choice available for the users when it comes to computers. For a couple last years, the most trusted operating system provider, Microsoft has been providing the Windows O.S to the best-of-its-time mobile phone brand, Nokia, and later recently Microsoft had acquired Nokia to launch windows based smartphones. The current version of Windows i.e Windows 8 has been numerously liked by the users which was later upgraded to a build version Windows 8.1.


And recently this year, Microsoft has had all eyes on itself regarding the launch of a new operating version, a newer version of Windows in fact.  Windows 10 has been the announcement of the year so far by Microsoft. Although there are not a lot of changes incorporated in the newer Windows, yet new is new. So we welcome a newer version onboard. For those who are enthusiastic about this launch and are worried if Windows 10 would work on their computers, here is all you need to know about the system requirements to use Windows 10.

Minimum System Requirements to Run Windows 10

  • 1 GB of 32-bit RAM or 2 GB of 64-bit RAM
  • 16 GB Disk space for 32-bit OS
  • 20 GB Disk space for 64-bit OS
  • Processor clock speed of 1 GHz or higher
  • GPU which can run DirectX 9 or higher

The consumer edition of Windows 10 will be available for any device with a display size of 8 inch or more. Later, this can be installed on smaller displays as well by installing thee professional version. Phones and tablets in this category need just 512MB of RAM, at least 4GB of internal storage, and a display with a native resolution of 800 x 480 or better, to run Windows 10.



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