Spotify Lite launched in India

Earlier this year, Spotify debuted in India confronting licensing troubles. Quenching the longing of music lovers in the country, it managed to gain 1 million users in its initial week and surpassed 100 million bar within a few months. The Sweden-based music streaming platform has now launched a lighter version of the app, Spotify Lite, for Android in 36 countries including India.

The Spotify Lite was earlier in the beta globally and in India since last June in India. Currently, its Google Play Store listing says so:

Spotify Lite is a test. Please share your feedback, so we can make it even better!

The standard edition is a well-crafted app in itself. Then why a Lite variant?

Umm, this is a toned down app sized around 10MB and is designed for low-end devices and meant for areas with weak internet connectivity. If your phone runs on Android 4.3 or newer, you may hop on to the play store and download it.

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Spotify Lite: What’s new?

As per the company, you get 90 percent of the features of the main app in the Lite version as well. They have ditched the video and cover artists as they believe they don’t add much to the core experience.

Spotify Lite launched in India
Spotify Lite monthly limit option

If you’ve got a small data plan and are worried about maxing out, fret not. You could set an optional monthly limit and the app will notify you if you exceed the limit.

Spotify Lite launched in India
Source: Google Play Store

So far, it has garnered 4.2 rating score, about 32,000 reviews, and a whopping 1 million plus downloads. If you’re wondering, yes it is open to both premium and free users.

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The Spotify Lite reportedly might not surface on the iOS which makes it an exclusive experience for Android users. The company is aiming to expand its envelope of userbase with the new move.  The company currently boasts 217 million users, including 100 million premium users.


  1. Could be because Android Go adoption has increased considerably, as shown by installs of Google Go and Maps Go reaching 100M+ recently


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