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Apple iOS has been always unique because of its solitary kind of interface and the alpha features of the smartphones DNA. Lately we have seen a lot of developments in the smartphone segment and one of them is the boom created by the very new wearable smart gear, of which smart watches are the most trending ones. Recently Apple’s own smart watch was unveiled and so we feel like ringing a bell about other smart watches that are compatible with iOS and can be used as alternatives to iWatch.

  1. Pebble Time

With its campaign partner, Kickstarter, Pebble rolled out its second generation smart watch which turned the fortunes in favor of Pebble by generating an incredible turnover of 20 million USD. It comprises of e-paper screen and provides an amazing 7 day long battery life.

pebble time 2 review

  1. Acer Liquid Leap+

Android compatible Acer Liquid Leap+ is another smart gear that adds to this list of compatibility with iOS. This is one of the wearable gears which are compatible with Windows OS as well. It supports features like fitness tracking and features a 1 inch display. Being available in many different colors makes it trendier.

acer liquid leap+ review

  1. Withings Activité Pop

It uses a cheaper glass and a silicon strap which makes it cheaper than all its rivals. This could be the biggest advantage for the smart watch. This too supports activity tracking along with fitness monitoring. Poses a simple design with elegance and comes in different color options.

withings activite pop review

  1. Misfit Shine

It was one of the earliest creations in the smart wearable gear segment. Tap it to see your activity dashboard and the time as well. Being an early creation, it misses out on the advanced features of modern smart watches but when it comes to being compatible with iOS, it is never out of the run.

misfit shine review,

  1. Microsoft Band

One of the very few watches that do not work on Android, but with Windows and iOS. Monitors your sleep quality and activity tracking feature is available too. Features a dedicated health platform called Microsoft Health, which serves you as greatly as a real personal fitness trainer. Another great mention about this smart watch is the support with Microsoft’s Cortana. To add to the praise, this watch can really count your steps while you are on the move.

Microsoft Band review


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