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Truly Wireless earbuds are a new rage and with good reason. Going cord-free seems more convenient. No more hassle of untangling the wires or the woe of replacing an earphone just cuz the wire got damaged. To top it all, the cool quotient is simply icing on the cake. As is the case, even the sale figures attest to the changing preference. Global True Wireless Hearables market has reportedly reached 33 Million Units (USD 4.1 billion) in Q3 2019 (Source: Counterpoint).

In just a span of few years, we have umpteen choices when it comes to the TWS (Truly Wireless) earbuds and that too from every major audio brand. So an obvious question hangs over – which one should I pick? And that’s where reviewers like me come into play. Droves of earphones come down my way and for a month or so, I have been listening to the Skullcandy Sesh. This is the brand’s truly wireless offering.

So how’s it?

The answer to that is shared as my experience down below. So come, let me take you to my audio sessions with the Sesh.

Skullcandy Sesh Price and Specs

Model Skullcandy Sesh
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Impedance 16 Ohms ±15%
Range 10 meters
Driver Diameter 6mm
THD <3% at 1KHz
Sound Pressure Level 99-105dB
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Weight 59.5g (earbuds and case); 106g (earbuds)
Price Rs. 4,700

Skullcandy Crusher ANC: Box Contents

Skullcandy Sesh Review: Design

Sesh comes in a grey colored capsule. On the cradle, you get LED indicators for battery percentage, a micro-USB socket (ugh!) and the Skullcandy logo. It weighs around 62g, which is a bit bulky for my liking. It projects out of my pant pocket and I wish Skullcandy had gone with a smaller footprint.

The big size also means the case can’t be quickly tapped open using a single hand. Anyhoo, when you open it, you’ll find the buds nested within. These are magnetically seated thanks to slim pogo Pins. A little tip: When you plant the buds in the case, give them a push to ensure they are seated properly.

Pull ’em out and now you’ve two earbuds, which look as above. They clad a gray plastic body and weigh about 10g each, which is lite on the ears. I didn’t experience any fatigue during long listening sessions. In case you want, you can use the left bud in solo. Appreciated!

You get extra pair of silicone ear gels which can be switched with the default one for a better fit. But even with the replacement ear tips, the buds were prone to come off. This worried me whilst I was out and about. So, I would push it in every once a while to avoid them stumbling out. That said, it did adjust fine to a friend’s ear. So, there’s that. Plus, thanks to their sturdy build, you need not sweat over the drop impact. Speaking of which, Sesh is IP55 certified for sweat and dust resistance.

Skullcandy has given multi-functioning (MFB) capacitive buttons on the buds. They have tap sequences to summon digital assistant, attend and end calls, control music playback along with volume. These have a learning curve to them which can be grabbed with some trial and error. You may refer to the in-box user manual for the walkthrough the button functions. Or else here’s an official video detailing the same.

Skullcandy Sesh Review: Sound Signature

Listening to Sesh, I recall that one Meghan Trainor song – I’m all ’bout that bass.

These new buds came on the heels of Skullcandy Crusher (review). But, the bass here, although prominent isn’t as overpowering as the former. Still, its inclination towards the lower end of the frequency spectrum should cut the bill for most. Special shout out to bass-heads!

As for audiophiles, this is how it performs in terms of sound staging. Hear me out as I go granular.

Out of the inner 6mm driver, you get the signature Skullcandy bass that’s pronounced, tight and thumping. There was a clear separation between the vocals and instruments in the mids. I was a lil thrown off by the details at the high end of the spectrum. Well, there is a cloudy feeling blanketing the treble. I noticed the same while comparing it with the recently launched Realme Buds Air (review). But that’s a fair tradeoff on bass-heavy earphones. So, pick your poison!

Overall, I had a good time with everything from song streaming to podcast viewing and Netflix-bingeing. Bluetooth latency was also convincing for the most part, save for a split-second delay, which would come across only on closer scrutiny. Again call it nitpicking if you will.

Now, if you want to fine-tune the audio staging to your liking, you may resort to third-party equalizer apps. Also, there is no ANC, which is silly to expect at this price. Anyhow, for what it’s worth, the airtight fit does offer decent noise-isolation against the ambient noise.

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Skullcandy Sesh Review: Connectivity

It bags Bluetooth 5.0 certification. Check. Call quality was alright, even counting the experience on the recipient’s end. Again Check. Skullcandy offers SBC codec only. Umm Okay. There is no option for a simultaneous connection with multiple devices. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker ’cause – Price.

All that said, I did stumble upon a connection drop in the right bud. But it was more like a one-off occurrence. The range for stable connection is around 10 meters.

Skullcandy Sesh Review: Battery Life

Last and definitely the least, Sesh has anemic battery life. Individual buds live for 3 hours after which you have to revive them. The charging cradle grants an additional 7-hour duration which sums for a 10-hour usage.

This is the major sore spot of Skullcandy Sesh. It bothers someone like me who loves listening to music all the time. The battery life can be a bigger pain if you’re always on the go.

A half an hour charge tops up 70-percent juice and both were back to full under 2 hours of the plug-in. There are LED indicators on the case depicting different battery percentages – 25, 50, 75 and 100. While charging, the buds emit a red light that goes off once they are full.

There are few things which irked me even more. For example, after a battery low intimation, at about 20%, it dozes off within 30 seconds. In another instance, I was caught off-guard when Sesh turned on involuntarily as the case got out of juice. And I was like huh! that’s weird. Again weird not deal-breaker.

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Skullcandy Sesh Review: Verdict

Are these the best sounding pair of truly wireless buds? Nah. But, at sub-5000 INR, these offer respectable aural acuity packaged in a decent design and build. Yeah, I would’ve preferred a smaller case that snuggles inside my pocket. On the contrary, a bigger battery would’ve made these a good recommend.


  • The compact and durable design of buds
  • Appeasing audio signature


  • Meddling battery life
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