Samsung has launched a 110-inch TV with the cutting-edge microLED display tech. Although the company has brought out this tech on ‘The Wall’ TV before in several modular shapes and sizes, this time around, it is ready-made like traditional TVs. So, expect this to hit factories for mass production.

Here’s how the new design works —

Samsung 110-inch 4K microLED TV

We first saw Samsung showcasing the microLED tech in its flagship The Wall in CES, 2018. Later, the company came out with multiple size options. Well, it was made available in a modular format and the sale was on-demand. Which meant, select uber-rich customers bought or could buy the thing in the bespoke shape and size. Well, with the new 110-inch model, things are different.

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This one’s as mentioned in the intro, a one-cut size and sold like a traditional TV.

“Previously, mass-producing a MicroLED screen as small as 110’’ for simple home installation wasn’t possible. But Samsung innovated to make it a reality by developing cutting-edge surface mount technology — along with a new production process derived from its semiconductor business — making MicroLED technology easier to manufacture, deliver, and install. These same innovations will allow Samsung to produce even smaller MicroLED models in the future, so even more consumers can enjoy the breathtaking MicroLED experience,” elucidates Samsung in its announcement.

Now, coming to the underlying tech, microLED is said to be the next big thing in display tech. It employs self-emissive micrometer-sized LED lights that curtail backlight and is capable of producing 100% of the DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut. As Samsung underlines, microLED is long-lasting and durable too, which extends the life of the TV display up to 100,000 hours, or over a decade.

Other highlight aspects of the TV are its 99.99% screen-to-body ratio, Smart TV features like Multi-View which allows up to four sources of content simultaneously on up to 55’’ sized split screens, and an embedded Majestic 5.1 Sound System.

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Samsung 110-inch 4K microLED TV Price and Availability

Samsung has currently made the TV up for pre-order in Korea. The price is KRW 170 million (~₹1.15 crores). It will be released globally in Q1 2021.


  1. What is the price is U.S currency?
    Also, ,I love our old 3D Samsung TV,,But it’s a dying breed and I cant understand why it isnt offered as an option today?Will there ever be another TV that can offer the same “jump out at you” feeling I enjoy so much with the 3Deffect in movies?


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