Samsung PD Controller
Samsung PD Controller SE8A and MM101

Samsung Electronics today announced two USB Type-C power delivery (PD) controllers – SE8A and MM101. These chips support 100W fast charging and PD 3.0 standards. Well, USB, a plug and play interface has progressed over the years in terms of utility and technology. USB ports are now universal and present everywhere including cars, aircraft, laptops, and prominently wall sockets. And here comes the prevalence of Power Delivery.

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What is USB Power Delivery?

Power Delivery is a USB standard that facilitates more flexible power delivery along with data over a single cable. It augments the standard USB charging application with the following features:

  • It maximizes power output from existing USB standards up to 100W.
  • It enables two-way charging or reverse-charging as the power direction is not fixed.
  • It manages the power allowance for each device across multiple peripherals. So that devices can consume enough or go overboard as per requirement. This is applicable in low power cases such as headsets as well.
  • Intelligent and flexible system-level management of power via optional hub communication with the PC.

Samsung SE8A and MM101 USB PD Controllers

Both SE8A and MM101 are compatible with USB PD 3.0 standard. They come with native eFlash storage which lets easy updating and modification of the firmware by the manufacturer to the latest specifications. They also bear a built-in Secure Element as an additional layer of security for the protocol and the device.

In the case of MM101, apart from encryption security, you also get safer charging conditions thanks to its moisture sensing capabilities.

“In addition to smarter features and larger batteries, innovative charging solutions allow us to do more through our mobile devices today. Following this trend, power adapters that can quickly charge devices while establishing safeguards against unauthorized access are increasingly in demand,” said Ben K. Hur, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s power delivery MM101 and security-enhanced SE8A will not only make charging faster and safer but also enable new services that can enrich tomorrow’s mobile experiences.”

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They provide encryption of data, secure key storage, and USB Type-C Authentication for approving connection of both chargers and devices. With this advent of Samsung USB PD controllers, the use case scenarios expand for smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and more devices.


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