Samsung introduces ‘Circle to Search’ AI feature; How To Use?

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Samsung held one of its largest launch events aka the Galaxy AI where the Galaxy S24 series made its debut. The event also marks Samsung’s foray into more AI features than ever and ‘Circle to Search’ is one of them. Simply tap, select, or draw and the AI pulls the search results from Google right at your fingerprint.

Check out how you can enable it and use it on your Galaxy S24 device. Read the blog below to know more.

What is the Circle to Search Feature?

Samsung introduces 'Circle to Search' AI feature; How To Use?

‘Circle to Search’, what could it be, right? Well, for most of tech enthusiasts, the name is self-explanatory i.e. you circle an area and search but for most, some is explaining required, right?

Circle to Search is an AI feature powered by Samsung. It brings the ability to circle an area of the web or image, social media, highlight a word, tap a subject, or select text to find search results ASAP. It works similarly to Google Lens albeit with a slightly more interactive feel to it.

Samsung’s Circle to Search feature works on multisearch that pulls records that are relevant to the user query such as shoes and then adds the strings such as ‘red’ or ‘white’ to close in results. You can take a photo and search ‘How often should I water this?’ or click a bottle of jam and search for ‘What can I use it with to eat?’ and the AI will pull the answers in just a click.

Circle to Search Availability

At present, the Circle to Search feature is limited to Samsung Galaxy S24 series – S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. It will be rolled out to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro starting January 31st.

How to Enable Circle to Search Feature?

Before you can use this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphone (and other supported devices), here’s how to enable it.
Step #1: Go to ‘Settings’ on your Galaxy phone and proceed to ‘Display’.
Step #2: Find the ‘Navigation Bar’ and tap on it.
Step #3: Spot ‘Circle to Search’ within the list of options and there you have it. Turn it ‘ON’.

How To Circle to Search Feature on Samsung Galaxy S24?

You need an active internet connection on your Galaxy smartphone to get a hang of this feature. Here’s how to use it.
Step #1: First up, select a portion or segment on the web click a photo, or go to your gallery to find a photo you would like to use this feature on.
Step #2: Tap and hold the ‘Home’ button which is the middle one.
Step #3: You can use your finger or an S-pen to draw a circle or doodle around the object of interest.
Step #4: Once the AI scans the circled area, you should see the relevant results on the screen that you can browse as usual web searches.
Step #5: Refer to the information, make transactions, share the page and more as per your preference.

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