The new Galaxy series smartphone from Samsung, Galaxy J7 Max, and Galaxy On Max, are here to make a statement. Both smartphones are designed with a metallic body and sport a 5.7-inch display size that looks good when you hold them in your palms.

However, the phone will not look as stunning if it’s beset by dents or scratches. Did that statement raise your eyebrows? Well, Relax! We have got a solution here.

Since both devices possess almost identical looks, the cases for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max will work for Samsung Galaxy Max and vice versa. We have compiled a list of back covers and cases and tempered glasses that will keep your Samsung Galaxy J7 Max or Samsung Galaxy On Max brand new for a longer duration.

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Shock Proof Premiere Case Cover by Mob Safe

The Mob Safe Case cover is for those who are looking for an ultra-strong cover. The armored fiber wraps all around edges and the back of the phone to provide protection in clarity that unveils the phone’s original design.

It’s solid and durable without being ugly. Its reasonably slim too and won’t bloat up your phone.

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Flip Cover by Johra

If you think that mere back covers are not enough to protect your Samsung Galaxy J7 Max/Samsung Galaxy on Max device from damage, you can consider this flip cover option from Johra.

The flip cover by Johra is designed using synthetic leather that will save your valuable phone from scratches, dents and accidental slips. This flip cover can also be used as a wallet, as it holds dedicated pockets for your cash and your debit cards.

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Captain America back covers by Mob Safe

This designer Samsung Galaxy J7 Max/Samsung Galaxy on Max covers by Mob Safe is for the Captain America fans. This particular back cover is light in weight and can also be easily snapped on your handset. The cover looks nice too when you hold it in your hand with your phone in it.

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Transparent back covers by Johra

Worried that the case cover might steal the original looks of Samsung Galaxy J7 Max/Samsung Galaxy on Max? If so, you can opt for this transparent case. This case cover, by Johra, will protect your device without changing the phone’s look.

The soft material at the sides gives a proper fit, a crystal clear look, protects your device from any scratches and damages. The cover also has proper cut-outs for all buttons and important parts including back camera, audio port, speakers, charging port etc.

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Printed back covers by Go Hooked

Looking for something peculiar? you can also go for printed cases. The printed shell by Go Hooked for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max/Samsung Galaxy on Max gives your phone all-around protection. Made from a special material, this case cover will provide you a perfect grip that won’t slip easily.

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Tempered Glasses

So you have got your Samsung Galaxy J7 Max/Samsung Galaxy on Max phone protected by back covers but you have still left one area wide open – the phone’s display. Often while protecting the phone’s body we left out the phone’s screen which is prone to scratches.

To keep Samsung Galaxy’s display away from scratches you can consider these tempered glass protectors:

Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Guard from Heartly – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass Guard from Akkase – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass Guard from S-Softline – Buy it from here


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