With Galaxy S7 (First Impression), Samsung makes everything a bit better than the last iteration. The South-Korean conglomerate has also been keeping its ear to the ground and heeding to consumer feedback, and has thus brought back signature S series features like MiroSD card slot and IP68 water and dust resistant design, which long time loyalists have been craving for. We have been using the Galaxy S7 for a week, and are now better equipped to entertain all doubts and queries regarding Samsung Galaxy S7. Let’s proceed.


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Key Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7

Model name Samsung Galaxy S7
Display size, type & resolution 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, IP68 resistance
Operating system Android Marshmallow with TouchWiz skin
Processor Exynos 8890 64-bit octa-core
Memory 4GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, expanded up to 200GB via micro SD card
Camera 12MP rear camera, dual autofocus, OIS, 100 percent PDAF, and 5MP front camera with autofocus
Battery 3,000mAh battery, Fast Charging and wireless charging
Connectivity Dual-SIM card slots, 4G LTE support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and micro-USB port
Price 48,900 INR

Design, Build, and Display

Question: How is the Samsung Galaxy S7 design?

Answer: The Samsung Galaxy S7 builds upon the Galaxy Note 5 design, which was a more refined Galaxy S6 in itself. The handset feels every bit as premium as you would want it to.


The rear glass plate is gently curved around the edges and feels a lot less slippery than the one on Galaxy S6. The aluminum frame running around the edges makes room for all ports, buttons and slots. On the front, there is a gorgeous touch glass which tappers on all sides. The difference is easier to overlook from a distance, but substantialy enhances user experience.

If you are looking for a well-designed compact smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 should definitely be appealing.

Question: How is the build quality of Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: There are no flexes or creaks, it’s less slippery than its predecessor, resists scratches and feels durable. However, glass body is always delicate and it would be careless of you to not use any protective case.


Question: Are the capacitive keys backlit?

Answer:  Yes, they are.

Question: How is the display of Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer:  Samsung Galaxy S7 is AMOLED technology at its best. Since, its 2K resolution on a 5.1-inch screen, sharpness and PPI numbers are clearly mouth-watering. If you have refrained from using AMOLED panels thus far, maybe because of an aversion to over-saturated color tones or blue-tinged-whites, the Galaxy S7 display has the potential to make you reconsider.

TouchWiz also has a ‘screen mode’ settings option which allows you to further tweak color temperature according to your taste.


The touch glass is responsive and I did have to deal with more than my fair share of accidental touches, but gestures turned on by default and narrow side bezels share the blame for that.

Question – How well does Samsung’s Always On display work?

Answer – The Always On display comes in very handy when all you have to do is check time. For Notifications, not so much. You can’t interact with the Always On display or peak into the notifications, which means you will have to unlock the display anyways to know if it’s worth the effort. Trade offs aren’t worth the battery drain in our opinion

Question: How is the outdoor visibility? Does Samsung Galaxy S7 have option for automatic brightness?

Answer: It’s a bright display panel and overdrive mode further helps with outdoor visibility. Minimum brightness is low enough for night time reading. No problems here.


Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 display have gorilla glass protection?

Answer: Yes, Gorilla Glass 4 protection is there.

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Performance and Storage

Question: How much internal storage space is free on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Out of 32GB, a little more than 24GB is available at user-end.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 support SD card? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: A hybrid SIM card slot is present, which means you will have to choose between second SIM card and MicroSD card slot. The Galaxy S7 is running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box, but doesn’t support adoptable storage feature (Where your phone can adopt SD card as internal storage).

Yes, Apps can be transferred to SD card on Galaxy S7.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 support USB OTG?

Answer: yes, it does.

Question: How is the fingerprint sensor?

Answer: The fingerprint sensor, clubbed with home button, is fast and accurate. You can add up to 4 fingerprints. You will have to press the home button before scanning your finger.

Question: How is the day to day or general performance? How is gaming performance of Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Day to day performance is very smooth. The Exynos variant that we have with us is also pretty good with RAM management. As expected from a flagship phone, performance is no issue here. Everything runs smooth, even with multiple apps open simultaneously.

Question: What are benchmark scores of Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Here are some benchmark scores.

Benchmark Standard Score
Antutu  1,29,023
Quadrant  62,922
Nenamarks 2 59.6 fps
Vellamo (Browser, Metal, Multicore) 7292, 3553, 3427

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 have heating issues?

Answer: Yes, it often gets hot in day to day usage. This is quite common with modern day smartphones and thus doesn’t feel particularly alarming to us. Fast charging, prolonged use of camera app, gaming and outdoor usage all tend to soar temperature rather easily.

Question: How much RAM is free on first boot in Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: At the time of first boot, Approx 2.3GB RAM out of 4GB was available for our usage.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 support Google cardboard and other VR gear?

Answer: Yes, VR apps and cardboard are supported.



Question: How is the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera performance?

Answer: Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is one of the best that we have come across. The dual pixel technology Samsung is using works as advertised and the improvement in low-light performance is very noticeable.  AF and shutter speed are very fast. Just shoot and walk away with a very pleasing photograph every single time!

Question: How well does the HDR Mode work in Galaxy S7 camera?

Answer: Yes, HDR mode is present and works like a charm

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Question: Can Samsung Galaxy S7 shoot 4K videos?

Answer: Yes, it can.

Question: Can you record slow-motion videos on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Yes, you can change mode to ‘Slow motion’ and shoot 720p HD slow motion videos. You can also change video settings to FHD at 60fps.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Samples

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Question: How is the software?

Answer: TouchWiz UI has evolved for the better over the years and it is no longer that cluttered, boatware-heavy interface that everyone hated. It’s much better now, but depending on your taste, there is still enough reason to hate it or love it.

In our opinion, the interface is easy to navigate, offers plenty of customization options and retains its uniqueness – all of which makes it a good Android skin.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 support Gestures?

Answer: Yes, software supports gestures listed under ‘Advanced Features’.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 have one handed mode?

Answer: Yes, single handed mode is present.

Question: Does Samsung Galaxy S7 support double tap to wake feature?

Answer- No.



Question: What kind of SIM card does Samsung Galaxy S7 support?

Answer: The handset accepts two nano SIM (hybrid slot).

Question: How is the call quality on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Call quality is excellent.

Question – Can you record calls on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: No, call recording option is not present.

Question: How is the Battery backup on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: I am getting one day backup with moderate to heavy usage. With Always On display turned on, the Galaxy S7 struggles to hit one day mark. Battery backup is a great improvement compared to Galaxy S6. Fast charging support is an added advantage.

The battery saver mode allows you to add mail app, Facebook and Whatsapp besides base necessities like dialer and SMS. This is something we like.


Question: What are the sensors present in Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: Here is a list of sensors below.


Question: Is the battery removable on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: No, it’s not.

Question: How loud is the loudspeaker on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Answer: The quality of speaker is very decent, and it’s pretty loud too.


Samsung Galaxy S7 is an excellent Android handset, period. If you are looking for a compact handset without many compromises involved on the Android side of the table, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is perhaps the best option available around at the time of writing.


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