We already know that Samsung will be bringing in an ultrasound fingerprint sensor on its next flagship, Galaxy S10. But rumors say that Samsung’s first in-display fingerprint sensor phone could arrive as early as next month, dubbed as the Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30+.

The rumors started off when twitter handle @MMDDJ_ mentioned that Samsung is working on an in-display fingerprint sensor phone for China.

Later the same tipster leaked that this upcoming phone confirmed that the model number for the P-series phone is SMG6200.

Now, another popular source for Smartphone leaks on Weibo confirms that the SM-G6200 model number represents Galaxy P30/ Galaxy P30+.

The upcoming Samsung mid-range phone will reportedly use a regular optical in-display fingerprint sensor, though and not the superior Qualcomm’s ultrasound-based sensor that will debut on the Galaxy S10.

@MMDDDJ_ also noted in a recent tweet that this upcoming Galaxy P-series phone would use an IPS LCD display. Now most of the under-display fingerprint sensors that we have on the market today work with AMOLED screens that are thinner and can light individual pixels to conserve battery.

However, we have also heard of in-display fingerprint readers made by JDI that are designed to work with LCD displays.

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All said and done, there are good chances that we get to see a Samsung phone with in-display fingerprint sensor before the end of this year.



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