Samsung Devices Can Now Activate Battery Protection Features On OneUI 6.1

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Samsung users now get a sneak peek at the One UI 6.1 improvements, including advanced battery health protection, even before the official update is released. Several innovative features revealed by leaks around the next Galaxy S24 are likely to make their way to previous Galaxy phones and tablets via the One UI 6.1 update. 

Samsung One UI 6.1 Features

The key, as discovered by IT enthusiast Sabarinath Panikken, is a third-party app called “ActivityManager,” which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Users can activate the new battery protection capabilities without having to wait for the official One UI 6.1 release by installing this app and browsing the “BatteryProtectionActivity” within it.

There are three types of battery protection available: basic protection, adaptive protection, and maximum protection. The Basic Protection mode allows the battery to charge to 100% before stopping until the battery level decreases to 95%, repeating this cycle until the device is unplugged—a simple approach to battery health.

Choosing Adaptive Protection mode offers a more subtle method, halting charging at 80% and then finishing the charge right before the user normally wakes up. This feature adapts to the sleeping habits and usage patterns of the users, providing mild protection and optimizing overnight charging conditions.

Samsung Devices Can Now Activate Battery Protection Features On OneUI 6.1

Maximum Protection limits charging to a maximum of 80% for customers who prioritize long-term battery health, giving the most robust battery health protection. While this may sacrifice some initial battery life, the trade-off assures optimal long-term performance.

It’s worth noting that these functions are still deemed “half-baked,” and users may run into problems in some circumstances. As a result, Samsung fans are encouraged to approach these new capabilities with caution, viewing them as early previews rather than completely developed functionality for everyday usage.

Users may expect a stable and refined version of these features in February or March as Samsung prepares to release One UI 6.1, which is slated to coincide with the introduction of the Galaxy S24 series. Meanwhile, early adopters can get a glimpse of the future of Galaxy devices by enabling these battery protection features on their One UI 6.0-powered smartphones and tablets.

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