Certain stock Android phones show persistent ‘Device is HD Capable’ Notification in the status bar when you are using a 4G VoLTE enabled SIM card. This particular notification is extremely stubborn and there seems to be no way you could disable it. An ‘HD’ notification also appears in the status bar.

We recently ran in to the same on our 10.or smartphones (both E and G) and unfortunately, there is no way to permanently disable ‘Device is HD Capable’ notification without Root, but you can very well eliminate the HD icon from the status bar and lock screen, and also ensure that it will be displayed as the last notification, which means you won’t miss out on important ones due to this persistent notification being displayed up top. Here is how you can do it.

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Step 1: drop down the notification shade and long press the settings wheel on top to turn on System UI tuner.

Step 2: Now go to settings>>> System UI Tuner

Step 3: Select ‘Others’ and then select and turn on ‘Power Notification controls’. This will allow you to define the priority for each app’s notification.

Step 4: Now pull down the notification shade again and long press on the ‘Device is HD Capable’ notification

Step 5: Set its priority to 1 (because it just won’t go below that) and tap on ‘Done’.

After you are done, the ‘HD’ logo in the status bar will vanish. And the persistent notification will be displayed below all other notifications.

If you don’t need VoLTE, you can also disable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode from network settings to remove the notification.

Also, you could delete the storage and force stop the service to temporarily remove the notification without disabling 4G VoLTE service, but after a while, the notification will show up again.

How to completely Remove ‘Device is HD Capable’ Notification

To completely remove the notification, download Notification Off app from Play store. After granting root access to the app, just find org.codeaurora.ims package and uncheck it. Save changes and you are done.

Remove Device is HD Capable Notifications

This notification isn’t a problem on all VoLTE phones running stock Android but it does pop up every now and then in custom ROMs and phones from lesser known brands.

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