The latest series of iPhones, the Apple iPhone 14 lineup, has made a considerable impact in the industry. While the base variant is being loved by the audience, the Pro variants have grabbed all the eyeballs with some of the best features based on hardware and software. The Pro variants also include a 48MP primary shooter which has been offered for the first time in the history of iPhones. Not only this but the performance capability of the devices has also been enhanced with the help of the A16 Bionic processor.

It has always been a trend that the best features of the iPhone are picked up by other Android devices producing giants. This time, Realme and Xiaomi are already eyeing the Dynamic Island features introduced in the Pro variants of the iPhone 14 lineup. In a recent development, Realme and Xiaomi also have asked the users to give their suggestions related to the inclusion of the Dynamic Island-like feature.

Could the Dynamic Island-like feature in Android smartphones be a reality?

Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing features that have never been seen or talked about. One such feature was the Dynamic Island that can be seen in the iPhone 14 Pro line-up. The feature is of course going to be copied by the Android smartphone brands with a little tweak like a name change and other stuff. Xiaomi China President Lu Weibing has asked the users if they want to see a ‘smart island’ on Xiaomi devices. Now, one thing which we are sure of is that the feature will be dubbed a smart island in the case of Xiaomi smartphones.

On the other hand, Realme has also asked the community members if they want to see Dream Island in the upcoming Realme smartphones. In the forum company elaborately asks if the users want UI around the camera hole that could take different shapes and sizes to show the incoming calls, notifications, alerts, calls, etc. Keeping these things in mind, we can soon get to see Dynamic Island-like feature in Realme and Xiaomi phones.


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