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Realme UI is in the wings vaunting to offer a ‘closer to stock Android experience.’ The long-awaited customized software will launch in India pretty soon. It has already made its debut alongside the launch of Realme X50 in China.

Here we have curated the top Realme UI features that are new and refreshing from the overly bloated predecessor. So, come! have a look.

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Realme UI Features

Realme UI features


Realme UI will be a fork of Color OS 7 but will skew towards stock Android. Speaking of which, it will be a skin on top of Android 10. So, you could look forth features from Android labs with Color OS under-the-hood tweaks as icing on the cake.

Realme UI features

This includes “Focus Mode” for distraction-less productivity. Then there is “Personal Information Protection” which is a notice board showing the apps that require your personal info such as call history, contacts and messages. And if you will, you can disable the information leakage too.

A major emphasis is put to present a vivid palette, which the brand calls “Bright, Dynamic and Passionate.” This is apparently tailored to favor the youth.

Realme UI features

Realme has stowed in 11 new wallpapers inspired by ‘natural elements’.

The new iconography adopts the “Golden ratio”. It extols the icons as more organic looking, visually appealing and inspired by household items in our daily life. And within settings, you’ll get an option to pick an icon shape amongst square or round and large or small.

Realme UI features

Needless to say, anything stock-esque will be clean and minimal. Take OnePlus’s own OxygenOS for example, which was quickly lauded and adopted by the market. In fact, it is considered one of the best software experience out on the Android side of things.

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Realme India CEO Madhav has also shared his appreciation for the custom ROM support from the developer community. That’s one area where stock and -ish software has a niche demand. A toned-down software means less resource-heavy tasks and activities bogging down the battery and chipping away battery life.

All these sound interesting! As such, fans would be looking forward to the update to kick in to try the new flavor. Here’s the timeline of the proposed update rollout.


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