Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 With Kyro Cores Announced: Features, Availability

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Qualcomm has officially presented its next mid-range chipset, the Snapdragon 636, which could be a huge hit and is likely to be widely adopted in affordable phones in 2018. The Snapdragon 636 is the successor to Snapdragon 630 but it has more in common the Snapdragon 660, including 8 Kyro 260 cores (Qualcomm’s custom design cores that were first used in Snapdragon 821).

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So here is what’s special about the Snapdragon 636

  • The mobile platform has 8 Kyro 260 cores clocked at 1.8GHz. Qualcomm claims 40 percent higher performance than Snapdragon 630.
  • It’s based on power-efficient 14nm FinFET process, which is to say it will be light on the battery.
  • The Adreno 509 GPU will deliver 10 percent improvement in graphics performance.
  • Qualcomm has also added better support for ultra-wide 18:9 displays and Assertive Display (a technology that fine-tunes display colors according to ambient lighting for better video experience).
  • The chipset will have Bluetooth 5 support and X12 LTE Modem
  • Just as Snapdragon 660, this one too integrates 14-bit Spectra 160 ISP with support for up to 24-megapixel cameras, smooth zoom, and fast AF.
  • Snapdragon 636 also gets Quick charge 4.0

The Snapdragon 636 provides a substantial upgrade over Snapdragon 630 and could be a very effective replacement for Snapdragon 625 next year.

When will we see Snapdragon 636 Phones?

Since the Snapdragon 636 is pin compatible with the two SoC it tries to bridge – the Snapdragon 630 and Snapdragon 660 – we expect this to be available in mid-range phones very soon, probably by the end of this year.

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