According to figures quoted by International Data Corporation’s (IDC), OnePlus managed to capture a staggering 48 percent market share in the premium smartphone segment in India in Q4, 2017. This is certainly a remarkable growth for a nascent brand that

The premium segment here has been defined to include phones that cost $400 (Approx. Rs. 26,000) or more. The segment itself grew by 97% YOY, thus outperforming the overall market growth of 54% YOY.


Vikas Agarwal, General Manager at OnePlus, said, “It is truly remarkable that OnePlus has become the biggest Android premium smartphone brand within just 3 years of entering the Indian market. It is a great validation of our user-focused approach and online first business model. We are truly humbled and grateful to our business partners and loving community for their continued support.”

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Globally, OnePlus revenue shot up to $1.4 billion with India making the most contribution.

The OnePlus 5 and 5T have been massive success stories simply because they present a premium hardware-software package that simply works for most people. The current crop of OnePlus flagships are capable performers and run one of the best-designed software skins around. The camera is the only week point, but that too is good enough for the price.

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