OnePlus Loop VR vs. Theater Max

OnePlus is set to launch its next flagship phone in VR (for the second time, i.e.) and this time around, they have been giving away ‘OnePlus Loop VR’ made in collaboration with ANT VR, the same company which made the VR gear for Lenovo’s TheaterMax setup. We were lucky enough to order one for ourselves, and since many of you will be hunting for a sweet Loop VR deals on tertiary resale markets, let’s share our experience and our verdict on whether or not it’s worth it.

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OnePlus 3 Loop VR

Better than TheatreMax Bundle? Yes.

The OnePlus Loop VR improves upon the ANT VR headset which was bundled with Lenovo K4 Note for TheaterMax experience. This time, the sides are covered which ensures that no light bleeds in to spoil your ‘Theater-Like’ experience. We tried it with Lenovo’s TheatreMax and found the experience to be significantly better.

OnePlus Loop VR Review

OnePlus Loop VR, however, is a bit heavy and that makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear. At first, my glasses painfully dug in my nose, but with little strap adjustment, I managed to get an almost comfortable fit.

The quality of material used is very good. You can slide any phone with 5 to 6 inch display on the front and get going.

Compatible with Google Cardboard? No.

The control part is where OnePlus Loop VR disappoints. The VR headset doesn’t have any button for capacitive input. Moreover, once the phone is plugged in, there is no way you could access the display and tap it manually (An option we had in TheaterMax headset). This is a HUGE problem.

OnePus Loop VR with OTG

You can’t watch Cardboard VR Demo because that involves granting capacitive input time and again. You will have to remove and insert your phone again and again. Even while watching YouTube content (watch in cardboard option), you can’t control playback.

To resolve the issue, we connected a mouse to our phone using USB OTG and partially worked. You can provide input via mouse clicks but navigating using mouse cursor won’t work.

OnePlus 3 VR

You can download one of numerous VR players available on Playstore to split screen in two halves and enjoy videos and other content on Loop VR. For every mistake that you make, you will have to remove and re-insert it again.

Lack of proper controls is a big limitation, but then again, since it’s free, there is absolutely no reason to complain. It has been designed to work well with OnePlus Loop App (which is still in 2D), and that it perhaps will.

To sum it up:

  • The quality of lenses used is great
  • You can make it work with all 360 VR Apps, but the lack of any input methodology will bite you time and again
  • The design and build is better than what we had expected. Comfort won’t be a deal breaker for the price.
  • It’s difficult to interact with your phone when it is fitted in.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who could beat the odds and get it for free
  • Anyone who has a TheaterMax supported phone and is looking for a compatible VR gear
  • And of course, if you are a OnePlus Fan willing to watch the grand OnePlus 3 unveiling (14th June, 10 PM IST).


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