OnePlus community is one of the most thriving communities and we get to see a lot of OnePlus employees interacting with users from time to time. We also witness a lot of first-hand information given to users by the developers of the company through the forums. Recently, OnePlus’s software expert Szymon K., has spoken about the new improved OxygenOS which is going to debut with the upcoming OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus claims that they have been working on a ton of new and exciting stuff for OnePlus 6T and that we will get to experience a whole new level of OxygenOS in the upcoming device. They also claim to have worked on improving the camera from the software standpoint but will have more information on this only after the launch. OnePlus affirms its objective to enhance the ” Fast, Smooth and Efficient” performance of OnePlus devices by making the most out of their hardware.

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OnePlus 6T smoother navigation gestures

Speaking about the new navigation gestures, OnePlus’s software expert Szymon said that:      We’ve made Navigation Gestures smoother overall. Whenever you swipe up in an app, the application window will follow your finger, making for a more natural experience. It’s also faster in two ways: with a quick flick from the bottom of the screen towards the right of your screen, you can change between 2 recently used apps. As there’s no navigation bar when using gestures, users weren’t able to double-tap the “recents” button to quickly switch between apps. This new gesture provides a quick and easy substitute.

OnePlus User Experience Lead Crayon Hsieh further added that:                                            As displays get taller and taller, we want to find a way that users can continue to navigate their phones with one hand. So, that’s why we implemented full-screen gestures. We spent a lot of time tweaking every animation. Every swipe was tested over 1000 times to ensure the motion felt natural.

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Another aspect users couldn’t do with the earlier version of Gestures was quickly accessing Google Assistant. To tackle that they’ve added a new action and all you need to do is to just hold the power button for 0.5s to activate Google Assistant. They are also working to optimize the power consumption of OxygenOS. They have added a new AI-based algorithm to determine the sleep cycle and reduce your phone’s background usage consequently reducing power consumption.

They are also willing to support Google’s Well-Being initiative to help users monitor and, if necessary, limit their smartphone usage. OxygenOS is the most talked about feature of OnePlus devices and looks like OnePlus is taking the right steps in improving the user experience.
As most of you’d know, the OnePlus 6T is slated to release on 30th October.


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