Chinese Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is said to be working on a refreshed variant of its flagship OnePlus 3. Over the past week, the rumor mill has been mulling about its existence but recent developments suggest that OnePlus 3S is already under works. As per the latest report, OnePlus received 3C certification for a new phone with model number A3010.

So how’s OnePlus 3S going to be different from the existing flagship? I am glad you asked. Well, don’t expect a major overhaul. As per initial reports, OnePlus will update the Snapdragon 820 to its latest refreshed version, the Snapdragon 821. Apart from this, rumor has it that the new OnePlus 3 variant could feature an IPS LCD panel instead of AMLOED screen. Apparently, the company is facing supply shortage which is causing delays in meeting demands. However, the company won’t be discontinuing OP3 anytime soon.

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Image Credits: GizmoChina
Image Credits: GizmoChina

Various reports and teasers about an upcoming announcement on official twitter handle also point in the same direction. OnePlus recently took to social media to ask its fans to guess what it is up to these days? In that same post, it made a promise to reveal everything in the ‘coming days’. In its Twitter and Facebook campaigns, it lists 4 viable options which include new smartphone color variant, new product unveiling, new shopping experience, or new software experience.


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There is likely a possibility that OnePlus might be gearing up for all the above-mentioned options. It is likely to introduce a new upgraded variant of its recently launched flagship killer with new colors option. For better shopping experience, it has launched its own OnePlus store for online shopping. Recently, it also decided to merge it’s two operating systems – Hydrogen and Oxygen OS. Also, OnePlus CEO Pele Lau recently hinted that they will be rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat update on OnePlus 3 very soon.

So, would you prefer an IPS LCD display on OnePlus 3S over the existing AMOLED panel? Share with us in the comment section below.

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