Netflix Movies and Show to watch out in 2022 and 2023

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OTT giant, Netflix recently held its Global Fan Event- Tudum 2022, wherein the platform announced all the upcoming movies and series that the subscribers can look forward to in 2022 and early 2023. While the list includes the next installments of some movies and series, there are fresh new ones as well. Let us have a look at the series first.

1. Squid Game Season 2

Everyone knows that the second season of the very popular Squid Game has been in the works for a while now. An unreleased clip was shared by Netflix, which shows the Front Man (Hwang In-ho) coming back home to refill his fish bowl and his presumed dead brother Jun-ho (Wi Ha-Joon) spying on his apartment from across the street. So, looks like Season 2 will carry forward the story from season 1, helping the viewers to unfold many other mysteries about the games.

2. Witcher Season 3

Release Date- Summer of 2023

Geralt of Rivia is coming back in Summer 2023. After a wait of 1.5 years, you will be able to meet Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and some new characters next year. Henry Cavill, along with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan came to the fan event to share the news about the release timeline of season 3. Unfortunately, there was no trailer launched.

3. The Witcher Blood Origin

Release Date- 25th of December

However, before Geralt comes up, Netflix will come up with the origin story of the Continent with The Witcher: Blood Origin. It will be a prequel that will take place 1200 years before the events of Witcher takes place.

The show will see 3 warrior elves take part in the creation of the first Witcher. The story will lead up to the Conjunction of the Spheres, a cataclysm that will affect the elf, human, and monster worlds.

4. The Crown Season 5

Release date- November 9, 2022

The Crown, one of the most popular Netflix Series, is coming back with its 5th installment. The series will trace the tumultuous lives of the royal family members in the 1990s, as per rumors. We will witness the story of the divorcees of three of the queen’s children, along with Princess Diana’s untimely demise in a 1997 car crash.

5. Wednesday

Release Date- 23rd November 2022

Wednesday, an Addams Family TV show will premiere in November. The plot will revolve around Wednesday Addams at Nevermore Academy, a magical boarding school. A series of murders and their mystery will lure intrigue you.

6. You Season 4 (Part 1 & 2)

Release Date- 10 February 2023

The Netflix Fan Event would have been incomplete without the season’s favorite murderous stalker Joe making a comeback. Joe is back and now he has a new identity. Leaving his past in the US, Joe now lives in the UK and has become a teacher in London. The teaser shows some other characters as well, but how the season will unfold remains to be seen.

7. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Release Date- Not announced

The much-loved regency romance, Bridgerton Season 3 is currently in the filming stage. Meanwhile, the spin-off based on the Queen will soon make its way onto your Netflix screens. Titled Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, this series will explore the life of Queen Charlotte, her love story with King George 3, and how we reached the world of Bridgerton as we know it today.

8. The Watcher

Release Date- 13 October 2022

Netflix revealed the mystery thriller called ‘The Watcher’ during the fan event. The plot shows the Braddock family move into their new home in a quiet neighborhood. However, the family will have to keep an eye out for dangers at every step as they try to unfurl the truth about their neighborhood and the house they live in. Why? Because someone called ‘The Watcher’ is keeping an eye on them.

9. Shadow & Bone Season 2

Release Date- 2023

The Grishaverse is expanding with the second season coming up in 2023. A sneak peek was given during the fan event, which showed existing as well as new characters added to Ravka’s collective of magicians. The plot has not been revealed as of now.

10. TV Series 1899

Release Date- 17 November 2022

The makers of Dark are coming up with something new. The TV Series 1899 takes place in the 19th century, where one will see passengers aboard a ship traveling from London to New York. Their joy turns into a nightmare when they meet another ship adrift in the sea.

11. The Recruit

Release Date- 16 December 2022

Starring Noah Centineo as Owen Hendricks, The Recruit will narrate the story of a young CIA lawyer. Within a week of taking up his role, Owen finds himself deep in the “World of power politics and mischievous players” as someone plans to expose the agency. Owen now travels the world to make sure the CIA’s secrets are safe and his job too.

12. Never Have I Ever Season 4

Release Date- 2023

The 4th and final installment of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s Never Have I Ever was also teased at the event. The lead cast of the show appeared in the new teaser, a new addition was also introduced in the form of Ethan aka Michael Cimino, the new heartthrob of Sherman oaks. The clip shows the return of Paxton as well along with Devi and Ben.

13. Dead to Me Season 3

Release Date- 17 November 2022

The next season of dark comedy, Dead to Me will be arriving soon. It will be the final season of the series and is anticipated to be more twisty and fun than the previous 2 seasons. In the teaser, Jen and Judy make their way to the hospital after the crash, but Jen is in rough shape from the collision.

14. Manifest Season 4

Release Date- November 2022

Manifest season 4 will be the finale season and will contain 20 episodes, the first batch arriving in November 2022. It follows the passengers aboard an international flight that hits severe turbulence and has to be diverted. Though the plane lands safely, the passengers learn that they are been gone for more than 5 years. Along with trying to piece their lives back, they start experiencing strange voices and visions as well.

15. Emily in Paris Season 3

Release Date- 21 December 2022

The teaser shows Emily who finds herself at a crossroads in every aspect of her life, deciding the pathway she will choose regarding her work as well as love life. She has got a near style and hopes to get a new perspective as well. Who will she choose Alfie or Gabriel? Will she go back to America? All these answers lie in season 3.


Not only has Netflix announced web series, but also a plethora of movies that you will be able to watch in the upcoming months. Here are the movies that are lined up for 2022 and early 2023-

1. Enola Holmes 2

Release Date- 4 November 2022

Millie Bobby Brown will be back as Enola Holmes for part 2. The 2nd installment will see her struggling to find a case to prove her worthy of the Sherlock family name. She takes up the case of finding a missing girl and things begin to unravel across London, filled with chases and a lot more suspense factors. Sherlock Holmes is also working on a case and the two cases will be somehow connected. Brother and Sister will team up to solve the mystery, but will they be successful remains to be seen.

2. Slumberland

Release Date- 18 November 2022

Netflix has revealed the trailer of this dreamy movie, Slumberland. The teaser shows Flip and Nema discussing 3 rules of the dream world as they embark on an adventurous journey to find the missing pearls in the dreamland. The plot revolves around Nema’s desire to see her late father again as they travel through this dreamland.

3. Pinocchio

Release Date- 9 December 2022

Guillermo del Toro appears in the video that has been released, which gives a glimpse of the film as well as the beautiful stop-motion shooting process and how they brought life and soul to the character.

4. Extraction 2

Release Date-2023

Chris Hemsworth starrer, Extraction will be back with the 2nd installment. The video released shows behind-the-scenes footage and the film’s production. The movie promises twice the action than the 1st installment.

5. They Cloned Tyrone

Release Date- N/A

Sci-Fi comedy shows a trip entering an elevator, singing along, and discovering a hidden lab, sparking a series of bizarre events involving a government conspiracy. The movie is set in the 1970s and features voguish characters that take you back in time.

6. Heart of Stone

Release Date- 2023

Netflix has revealed the first look of its spy thriller Heart of Darkness starring Gal Gadot, Jamie Dorman, and Alia Bhatt. The trailer gives a sneak peek at the movie and also shows behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of actors. The plot revolves around the life of CIA agent Rachel Stone.

7. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Release Date- 23 December 2022

The next in the Knives Out franchise revolves around a group of friends who are tasked with solving an intricate puzzle received from Miles Bron and upon completion, they are taken to his private island. He then tells them to use their puzzle-solving abilities to solve the mystery of his murder. Inspector Blanc will also be back.

8. The Mother

Release Date- N/A

The new teaser shows American singer Jennifer Lopez as a John Wick-esque assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter, whom she abandoned years ago.

9. The School for Good and Evil

Release Date- 19 October 2022

The official trailer is based on Soman Chainani’s book of the same name. It follows Sophie and her best friend Agatha as they study at a unique school, where boys and girls are trained to be heroes and villains that preserve the balance between good and evil.

So, this is about the upcoming lineup from Netflix, which movie(s)/series are you excited to watch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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