Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming platforms, at least for the time being. But these days we have incumbents and media giants like Disney and WarnerMedia rushing to eat away its subscriber pie. To tackle this, the company is coming forward with its new mobile-only plan. The streaming giant has confirmed the imminent launch in a letter to its investors.

It will debut in India, followed by a possible expansion to other countries later. But the real catch is – Cheaper Pricing!

Netflix Mobile-only plan: What is it and How much?

Netflix Mobile Only Plan for india
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Under this new plan, you will be able to binge to your heart’s content on one smartphone (or tablet) “Only”. To be precise, you can’t watch on television, PC or laptop.

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Although we are kept behind the veil regarding the actual pricing, it might be similar to its test run plan, viz. Rs. 250 per month. If it is, then its a huge drop from the current Rs. 500 basic plan.

Netflix Mobile Only Plan for india

Netflix quarterly report to the shareholders, released yesterday addresses its dwindling earnings and subscriber growth. So, this might be a move to tackle this.

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At the announcement, Netflix described the new plan as “an effective way to introduce a larger number of people in India to Netflix and to further expand our business in a market where Pay-TV ARPU (average revenue per user) is low (below $5 or Rs. 343.95).”

Such a move isn’t novel for Netflix. In the past too, it had tested a mobile-only plan in several different countries.


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