Netflix Account and Password Sharing Restrictions Goes Live in India Starting Today

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Netflix has announced a targeted effort to address account-sharing practices in India, Indonesia, Croatia, and Kenya, commencing on July 20, 2023. The company aims to bolster its revenue growth in the latter part of 2023 through this initiative.

To tackle the account sharing issue, Netflix is adopting distinct approaches in India and other countries where its paid sharing feature has not been implemented yet. This feature allows users to pay an additional fee to share their Netflix account with non-residential individuals. However, in markets where the paid sharing option is unavailable, Netflix has decided against introducing an “extra member” option. This decision is attributed to recent price reductions in these regions and the relatively lower penetration of the service, allowing the company to focus on its existing strategy without introducing further complexities.

Notably, Netflix had previously decreased its service prices in India by 20-60 percent in December 2021, leading to a notable increase in engagement, a 30 percent year-on-year growth, and a rise in revenue growth from 19 percent in 2021 to 24 percent in 2022, as reported in April 2023.

In light of the password-sharing crackdown, Netflix has witnessed positive outcomes across most of its markets. In May, the company expanded the paid sharing feature to more than 100 countries, accounting for over 80 percent of their revenue. Netflix highlighted that revenue and paid memberships in these regions have surpassed previous levels since the paid sharing launch, with new member registrations surpassing cancellations.

Consequently, in the second quarter of 2023, Netflix added 5.9 million paid members, a significant improvement compared to the nearly one million members lost in the same quarter the previous year. The company’s total subscriber base reached 238.4 million subscribers for that quarter.

Despite the relatively muted impact on revenues during the second quarter of 2023, Netflix remains optimistic about the “early stages of monetization,” and they expect to realize the full benefits of paid sharing in the later part of the year, particularly in the fourth quarter.

During a post-earnings interview in April, Netflix’s Chief Financial Officer, Spencer Neumann, emphasized that a substantial portion of the company’s revenue growth for the year would come from an increase in volume through new paid memberships, primarily driven by the paid sharing rollout.

The company also disclosed that its ad-tier subscribers have nearly doubled since the first quarter. However, due to the small membership base, the current ad revenue remains inconsequential for Netflix. Nonetheless, Netflix expressed confidence in developing its advertising business into a substantial incremental revenue stream, aiming for a multi-billion-dollar impact over time, despite acknowledging the challenges involved in building an ads business from scratch.

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