Mozilla today passed on some important bits and pieces of its popular Quantum browser (which it has been beta testing on Desktop) with Firefox 57. The next-generation of Firefox version will reportedly use less RAM than any other browsing platforms, but that will still take some time on Android till Firefox iron outs the bugs and implements increased core speeds.

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Firefox Quantum Features

This could be a fresh start for Mozilla, who are currently third but were once the league leaders of the browsing platform before Google start luring the consumers with their Chrome browser.

As per Mozilla, the Firefox Quantum is the “biggest update since Firefox 1.0 in 2004,” and “just flat out better in every way”. The Quantum will run by multiple CPU cores, and a new CSS engine built in Rust, which allows it to use fewer resources than the older version to make it twice as fast as the Firefox from 6 months ago.

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Firefox Quantum has improved the technical aspect and the interface looks far more attractive than ever. The new version uses an exclusive firefox theme called the Photon, which boasts a modern and minimalist design, squarer tabs, and smooth animations. The result is a clean and simple UI with better viewability and eye-friendly design.

Those who are using Firefox browser will automatically be upgraded to Quantum while others will have to download Quantum setup file from the internet on their Windows, Mac, or Linuxon Android or on iOS. Firefox Quantum is just the start for the Mozilla, who is eyeing for that top spot again.

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