Earlier this year LG launched its innovative G5, a phone that accepted modular accessories which LG termed as ‘Friends’. The idea seemed invigorating on paper, but the implementation was a certain misfire.


Though LG promised that these expensive Mods would be compatible with next gen LG flagships, new reports claim that the upcoming LG G6 will abandon all its ‘Friends’.

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Why it didn’t work? Well, ejecting and clipping new mods involved re-plugging the battery on G5 and didn’t add up to an intuitive experience. It simply felt like too much work.

Even Google suspended all work on Project Ara this September after successive attempts of pumping fresh life in the project.


With LG and Google calling it quits, Motorola remains the only brand still optimistic about the whole concept. And with good reason. After all, Motorola’s implementation with the high-end Z series is the best and most convenient one so far.

At the same time, these Mods don’t come cheap and don’t seem to be indispensable. For instance, consumers always have the option to buy a separate Bluetooth speaker instead of a bulky modular extension and remain perfectly content with the end experience.

In our personal opinion, we do feel that the Modular concept deserves a fair chance and it could definitely impact our smartphone experience in a big way in the near future. Though current mods aren’t entirely convincing, this is a good way to overcome inherent Smartphone limitations.

For now, Motorola too promises to support existing mods with future generation Z series phones. Only time will ascertain if it succeeds.

Do you think this is something that shall catch on? Or to you believe they are way ahead of their time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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