Mahindra XUV700 AX5 Select Launched; Gets Panoramic Sunroof, Push-Button Start/Stop

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XUV700 SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra, has just opened up another variant of its attractive mid-size range with the AX5 Select trim level. This new model has been developed as a mid-line model between the existing AX3 and AX5 trims is expected to bring in more value for the auto firm and customers by providing them with extra comforts. Offered only in the seven-seat layout, the AX5 Select caters to the various facets of the SUV consumer by implementing standard features and comfort for families and those who would go on adventurous trip. To cater to the clients and come with the basic expectation of getting a value for their money, Mahindra has priced the AX5 Select moderately, with prices starting from Rs.16.89 lakh to Rs. 18.99 lakh respectively (Ex-Showroom).

Key Highlights

  1. New trim level added to the AX5 series of the car model: Mahindra XUV700 AX5 Select will serve as a middle ground between the AX3 and AX5 series trims.
  2. Available only as seven-seaters, which should please families and people in need of occasional off-road functionality.
  3. Additional options include panoramic sunroof to accommodate the length of the car, push button start/stop system, second row map lamps to improve convenience and interior comfort.
  4. Prices starting from Rs 16,89,000 – to Rs 18,99,000 which makes this model, AX5 Select, a good buy in SUV category.

Enhanced Features and Upgrades:

The Mahindra XUV700 AX5 Select variant, in particular, offers specific modifications that can contribute to the positive customer experience of driving a car. The primary highlight in the appearance of the AX5 Select is the availability of panoramic roof system that closely combines luxury and aesthetic taste with the desire for openness and all-encompassing view upon the sky and the surrounding environment. In this regard, modifications such as push-button start/stop assist to make the starting and stopping seamless, and second-row map lamps to boost the Illumination at night are significant improvements.

Feature Comparison

Although the AX5 Select version offers similar features to the base AX3 trim, it doesn’t lack dual 10-inch displays and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 6-Speaker audio system and infotainment system on the 24-inch Digital Cluster screen are also new additions along with several other upgrades for better driving experience. However, one must understand that while the AX5 Select comes in at a lower price point than the higher-end AX5, it does not come with some of the equipment as standard, such as the LED headlamps, curtain air bags that encompass all three rows of the vehicle, reverse camera, cruise control and fog lamps. However, looking at the target market, a little expensive than its competitors but it comes with great features that will suit most of the market out there.

Engine Options and Performance

The Mahindra XUV700 AX5 Select variant offers an engine of the client’s preference, giving power between a petrol and diesel engine with adequate towing capabilities. The petrol engine model offers a torque output of 197 bhp and torque output of 380 NM which gives the car powerful performance for city ride and highway drive. On the other hand, the diesel motor variant produces 182 bhp and comes with 420 Nm torque output with the manual, 450 Nm with the automatic transmission; altogether providing an ideal balance of power with efficiency. There is also an integrated option which can easily switch between an automatic and a manual transmission, enabling the customers to have a variety in the way they drive.


Therefore, this Mahindra XUV700 AX5 Select variant is convenient to create a broader range of choices for SUV buyers, with more advanced functions, more engine configurations, and more reasonable prices. The XUV700 has introduced incredible design language that enhances its performance besides having better and the latest features that put it among the most popular SUV segment. New customers in the Indian market can absolutely benefit from this vehicle particularly when it comes to everyday driving, road trips with the family, and even when traversing through the more rugged terrains owing to the particular XUV700 AX5 Select variant.

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