We are finally here! Google’s Big hardware event of 2019 just went underway and the Mountainview giant (officially) took the curtains off the Pixel phones, second-generation pixel buds, new Nest Wi-Fi, Pixelbook Go, and second-generation Google Home Mini.

Google talked about its vision where technology throughout your home works as a single system and makes your life simpler. Several exciting announcements were made at the “Made by Google, 2019” event and here’s everything that you need to know!

1. Environmental announcements

  • All Google Products launched today use recycled plastics. Nest speakers are made of recycled plastic bottles.
  • Google committed to investing $150 million in renewable energy projects across different regions.
  • Google operations have been carbon neutral since 2017
  • The company has been able to match 100% renewable energy since 2017
  • Google says that its Nest thermostats have helped consumers save “41 billion kilowatt-hours of energy, enough to power all of Denver for six years”.

2. Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

  • The new Pixel phones come in two sizes and three colors – Just Black, Clearly White, and Not So Orange (limited edition).
  • The cameras have super-resolution zoom, HDR+, Live HDR+ (which gives you a better idea of the image in the viewfinder), and the app has new ways of controlling exposure and white balance.
  • The portrait mode has also been improved further. It will work better with large objects and people who are farther away.
  • The Nightsight gets better and can now be used for astrophotography.
  • Display mate praises the AMOLED display on new Pixel phones.
  • Pixel 4 is the first phone with a radar sensor; In other words,  you can interact with it using gestures.

  • Using motion sense, you can skip tracks, wave at Pikachu, or make your alarms quieter as you approach them.
  • Google says the Pixel 4 has the fastest most secure Face Unlock.
  • Pixel 4 phones have a new Assistant interface that aids better multitasking. It’s also easier to delete and manage your data.
  • Pixel 4 will have a smart voice recorder that does AI processing on the phone. You can search through audio recordings.

  • Pixel 4 will be available starting October 24 for a starting price of $799. Pixel 4 XL will start at $899.

3. Google Pixel Buds

  • Pixel Buds will remain connected to your phone across three rooms indoor or across an entire football field outdoors
  • 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, 24 hours when you use a charging case.
  • Pixel Buds have a “spatial vent” that lets in outside air and environmental sound (a little) for better comfort. The software dynamically adjusts volume as you move between environments.
  • Pixel Buds were just showcased today. More details and announcements will follow later.

4. Nest Mini

  • The new Nest mini should deliver better bass and “more natural sound”.
  • The fabric on the Nest Mini is made of recycled plastic.
  • Nest mini will have a separate ML chip that will help it get better with time.

5. PixelBook Go

  • PixelBook Go is lighter than the Pixel book but has a 15% larger battery. It has a grip able design, silent ‘Hush’ keys, and of course, runs ChromeOS.
  • The PixelBook Go has fast charging support and a 13.3-inch touch-enabled display.
  • PixelBook  Go prices start at $649. The ‘Just Black’ version is available today, ‘Not Pink’ will come in later.

6. New Home App

  • The Home app gets a redesign and will have a Home Feed bringing smart home devices closer.
  • The new Home app will club notifications from all your devices, organize them, and highlight what’s important.

7. Google Nest Wi-Fi

  • Google Nest Wi-Fi gets updated hardware and software, resulting in 2X speeds and 25% better coverage.
  • It’s easy to set up and share with friends. You can pair two Nest Wi-Fi together for better coverage.
  • Google Nest Wi-Fi will be able to talk directly to smart home devices using BLE and Thread support.
  • It also has a speaker attached to it, which makes it work like Google Home Mini.
  • It will be available starting November 4 (2-pack $269, 3-pack $349)

8. Stadia

  • Stadia will start arriving at gamers’ doorsteps starting November 2019.
  • Both Founders edition and premier edition entitle users to three months of Stadia Pro, with access to Destiny 2: The Collection.

8 Important announcements made at Google Pixel launch event 2019

These were some of the biggest announcements from Google’s annual hardware event. Google laid a lot of emphasis on its design philosophy, and how it has worked on integrating all its products and services into a single system.


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