After launching as many as seven new laptops, electronics giant Lenovo is gunning for more and is on course to bring several new products and concepts.

The company revealed a few of its planned wares, which include an AR headset and a smart speaker-projector, at its third annual Tech World Summit.

For the said AR headset, Lenovo is viewing it as a standalone vision processing unit, which is being said to come with a 40-degree field of view, which wouldn’t be needed to be connected to a handset or a desktop. Furthermore, the company is looking to use its own AR platform to create apps for it.

The other device, that is the smart speaker-projector, has been dubbed as the SmartCast+, which, it is being said, will have better features than the ‘voice-assisted’ speakers of today (like Amazon’s Echo).

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Lenovo also intends to make the device compliant with sound and object recognition, as well as make it equally adept as an AR projector.

Also, the company has also set its sights on making an AI assistant going by the name CAVA (intended to be smarter than both Siri and Alexa), that shall be equipped with facial recognition systems and natural language understanding tech.

Rounding off the list of tentative concepts thrown by Lenovo in the summit are the SmartVest and Xiole customer service platform.

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While the SmartVest would be a clothing equipped with an ECG to monitor the wearer’s heart activities, the latter would make use of interaction with users to make conversations more natural and personalized.

Well, it sure looks like Lenovo’s got a lot in its kitty at the moment.


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