In our first impression piece, we deemed Le 1s as LsEco’s ticket to fame in India. The Chinese content provider has chosen the perfect specs-recipe and priced it aggressively, which is equivalent to job half done. Now that we have spent a few days with Le 1s we have better insight. In this article, we give answers to questions you might be asking if you are a prospective buyer.

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Key Specifications and Features:

Model Le 1s
Display 5.5-inch full HD (1920x1080p) IPS TFT LCD display with 403ppi
Processor 64-bit class 2.2 GHz Mediatek Helio X10 Octa-Core CPU, Power VR G6200 GPU (700 MHz)
Internal Storage 32GB, No MicroSD card support
Software Android Lollipop based EUI
Primary Camera 13 MP Isocell sensor, LED Flash, PDAF, F2.0 aperture lens
Secondary Camera 5MP Front-Facing Camera, F2.0 aperture lens
Dimensions and Weight 151.1×74.2×7.5 mm and 169 g
Battery 3000 mAh
Others Dual SIM, 4G LTE, Fingerprint sensor
Price Rs. 10,999


Display, Design and Build

Question – How is the Le1s design?

Answer- The Le1s looks and feels very premium. The design highlight is chamfered metallic side edges, which are very uncommon at this price, as is the full metal build. The metal however, adds a decent heft to it and makes it a tad slippery, but the handset is still very comfortable to wield.

Be it machine drilled speaker grill at the bottom, ergonomically placed hardware buttons or the 7.5mm slim profile – There is a lot to appreciate for the price.


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Question – Are the capacitive keys backlit?

Answer – Yes. Capacitive keys are backlit. The keys are flush with the bezel below the display and only become visible when they light up.

Question – How is the display on Le 1s?

Answer – The 5.5 Inch full HD display on Le 1S is sharp and vivid. Colors pop, but we won’t call them oversaturated. Viewing angles are good but not great. Color temperatures are on the colder side (particularly whites). However, you can change color temperature from display settings to suit your individual taste (and that works to an extent). Overall, the display quality is very reasonable for the price, but could have been better.

Question- Has LeEco enabled 120fps refresh rate?

Answer – 120fps is a much talked about feature of Helio X10 chipset, but the Le1S display has a refresh rate of 60fps. To normal users, the difference won’t be noticeable.

Question – How is the outdoor visibility? Does Le1s has option for automatic brightness?

Answer – The outdoor visibility wasn’t a problem for us. Cloudy weather since last couple of days hasn’t allowed us to test it under harsh direct sun, but we don’t think that should be a problem.

Automatic brightness is present and works perfectly.


Question – Does the Le 1s display has gorilla glass protection?

Answer – Yes, LeEco has confirmed presence of Gorilla Glass 3

Performance and Storage

Question – How much internal storage space is free? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Le 1s?

Answer – out of 32GB, 25.53 GB is available at user end. There is no microSD card slot on Le1s.



Question – Is USB OTG supported on Le 1s?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported (You will need USB Type C OTG pen drive, adaptors won’t work).

Question – How is day to day or general performance? How is gaming performance of Le 1s?

Answer – Le1S is using 2.2 GHz octa-core Helio X10 processor backed by 3GB RAM and so far, we haven’t encountered any performance hiccups. The handset can handle everyday tasks and high end gaming very efficiently.

Question – What are benchmark scores of Le 1s?

Answer- Here are some benchmark scores.

Benchmark Standard Score
Antutu 55,347
Nenamarks 2 57.2
Vellamo Metal, Multicore 1338, 2273
Quadrant 25300

Question – Does Le 1s have heating issues?

Answer- No. The handset is holding up very well to heat. It does get warm with extended gaming, but that is true for all handsets.

Question – How much RAM is free on first boot?

Answer- Out of 3GB, around 2GB RAM is free on first boot. We didn’t face any issue with RAM management.

Question – How is fingerprint sensor performance?

Answer- The fingerprint sensor on Le1s is fast and accurate. It sometimes feels slow, when we unlock our device after a long period of time, but otherwise the sensor works perfectly. You can store up to 5 fingerprints and also use it to snap images.

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Question- How is the Le 1s camera?

Answer – Again, for the price, Le1s camera is a very decent performer both indoors and outdoors. The colors are accurate and even in indoor settings there is not much noise in the image. At times we felt that post processing software cuts on details to avoid noise, which is acceptable to an extend.

You can long press the shutter key to shoot in burst mode. The camera app allows you to toggle with pro settings,

Question – Is HDR mode present on Le 1s?

Answer – Yes, it’s tricky to locate it but HDR mode is present on Le1s

Question – Can Le 1s shoot 4K videos?

Answer – Yes, you can shoot videos in 4K with this phone.

Question – Can you record slow-motion videos on Le 1s?

Answer – Yes, at 120fps

Le 1s Camera Samples

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Question – How is the software?

Answer – Le 1s is using heavily customized Android Lollipop, which it calls EUI. EUI is rich in customization options, without being overwhelming or cartoony. UI design and animations are better than what we are used to seeing on most Chinese ROMs.


You can access quick settings from recent apps key (even on lockscreen if you may), control app permisions, notifications, and toggle with many other aspects of the device. We find the EUI quite intuitive.

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Question – Does Le 1s support Gestures?

Answer –  No. We would have liked to see options like double tap to wake, etc. on Le1s, but for now we didn’t spot any gesture support in the UI.

EUI Gallery

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Question – What kind of SIM card does it accept? How is the quality of SIM Card tray in Le 1s?

Answer – The Le1s accepts one Micro SIM and one Nano SIM. Both SIM card slots support 4G LTE. SIM tray feels sturdy. No issues here.

Question – How is the call quality on Le 1s ?

Answer – Call quality has been good in our area so far.

Question – How is the Battery backup on Le 1s?

Answer – For now, we are comfortably reaching one day mark. Le1s also supports fast charging which is of great convenience. It is still very soon for the final verdict on battery backup. We will update this part after a few more days of usage.

Question – Is the battery removable on Le 1s?

Answer – No, battery is not user replaceable.

Question – How many sensors do Le 1s have?

Answer – All sensors are listed in the image below


Question – How loud is the loudspeaker on Le 1s?

Answer – Loudspeaker grill is present on the bottom and sound quality and loudness is pretty cool.

Question – What comes inside the box of Le 1s?

Answer – Inside the box, there is fast charger, USB Type C- Type A cable and documentation apart from handset.

Le1s Photo Gallery

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The Le1s seems to be a very good handset for the price. Compromises are inevitably involved but there is lot to like here. Reasonable camera performance, premium design, reasonable camera performance and good multimedia experience are its primary highlights. The first flash sale will be held on 2nd February on Flipkart. If you have any more questions regarding the handset, ask us in the comment section below.


  1. I am the buyer of LeEco le 1S I am using it from last 2 years, but from the last 7-8 months the screen is scrolling automatically Please tell me what I have to do for that…. I will be thankful to you..

  2. Where is all my storage used up on the Le1s as I find the storage full with only around 15 installed apps which would take up around 6GB in total…?.

  3. My camera is not working. Yesterday it was working fine but suddenly it showed as “your SD card is running out of space. Change the quality settings or delete some images or other files” so I deleted some images from my gallery to make some space and checked my memory status. There is enough space in d memory but still the camera is not allowing me to click pictures. How to change the quality settings or what am I supposed to do now? Please help me

  4. Got Only 1 for you:
    does it have OIS( Optical Image Stablisation) and Marshmallow update, as of 4th July 2016?


    • In LeEco Le 1s you don’t really need a 3rd party app to record your calls. In the defualt dialer there is an option to selectivly record your calls. If you want to record all your calls, in that case, you can go to settings>>tap on app settings>>select call settings>>scroll down to call recoding setting>> enable Auto record calls..Tadda..Now all your calls will be automatically recorded.

  6. I am still not clear about the VR capabilities of Le1s, no Web site has answered it till now, so far I know that this does not have gyroscope, please give details

  7. Is this phone waterproof??
    please dont say u hvnt tested it test it now with a tank full of water and let me know the result

    Yours faithfully,

  8. Does Le1s support
    SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive with micro USB connector ?

    So we can listen song and watched movies anytime.

    Thank You

  9. i want to know about the storage ?
    after the first boot..we get 29g, so if i want to install more apps then i it going to take space from 29 gb or else the phone has external memory option for apps or software’s.
    as well as i wanna know about its otg option .. is it will support normal pen-drives of 2.0 speed?

    • The phone says 29GB storage, but other softwares tell me 25.53 is available at user end. I have updated the text. There is no external memory option or partition. You can use the entire space as you please. Apps, data all will go in the same place. USB OTG is supported but you will need a cable with USB Type C port or a USB Type C pendrive. If you plan on connecting regular USB 2.0 type A pendrives using usb type c adaptors, it won’t work.


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