Realme India is joining the 108MP club and the brand talked at length about the software innovation and enhancements it brings to the table. Realme will be using Samsung’s 108MP HM2 sensor (1/1.52″), the same one that Xiaomi employs on its Mi 10i and probably also on the upcoming Redmi Note 10 series.

We will see Realme’s 108MP technology in action on Realme 8 Pro and on the Realme 8 very soon.

Realme 108MP Camera features

To start with Realme claims better clarity from the 108MP sensor. In the 3x zoom mode, the sensor resorts to “in-sensor zoom” where it combines 8 x 12MP images for sharper details.

Realme adds a Starry Time-Lapse Video, which can supposedly capture the challenging time lapse of stars moving through the night sky. The enhanced time lapse algorithms take 30 photos over every 8 minutes and then generate a 1s time-lapse video.

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There is also Tilt-shift time-lapse mode where only a portion of the image is in focus to create a sense of a miniature world. Users will be able to select angle, position, and bokeh size and will also be able to add transition effects between blurred and clear areas.

And of course, there are several new portrait filters including Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh portrait, and AI color portrait

All of these features will debut on the Realme 8 series soon. Realme exclusively mentions that the 8 Pro will be the first phone to debut with Tilt-shift time lapse mode.


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