Krafton’s Moonbreaker is all set to make a global debut; Know details

Early access debut on September 29

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Krafton has always stolen the show with one of the best games offered by the brands in the industry. After making every gamer go mad over PUBG and BGMI, the franchise is all set to bring a new game, Moonbreaker, to the masses.

The latest offer by Krafton is based on the tabletop tactics built to offer digital miniatures experience. The Moonbreaker is set in a sci-fi universe created by Brandon Sanderson. The global launch of the game is scheduled to be held on September 29 through early access for PC and Mac via Steam.

All the players in the Moonbreaker will be allowed to fight at various locations over the Reaches which is a tiny solar system with moons held in orbit through a scarce resource known as Cinder.

The players in the game will also be allowed to learn more about all the concepts of Moonbreaker and the characters that are going to be a part of the game via audio dramas that will launch just days before the early access availability of the game.

Moonbreaker details

The Moonbreaker is going to be all about fans of tabletop and collectable card games. All the gamers will also have their rosters made up of captains, Assists, and Crews. There will be multiple turn-based encounters with different gameplays. The roster combinations for the same will be endless with around 50 units – Assists, Crew, and Captains, after the launch.

As claimed by Krafton, the game is designed to offer the feel of physical miniatures game without real-world limitations. In addition, the game will also deliver detailed and constantly evolving painting tools. The players will get custom palettes, professional digital painting tools to create their units and more.

The game will be released for PC and Mac as of now. There is no word regarding a smartphone version of the game in the works. We will get to know more about the game as soon as the launch inches closer.

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