iVoomi FitMe Health Band Review with Pros and Cons

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In no time, fitness bands have found their sweet little spot in the market as affordable smart wearables and they have continued to grow in numbers. The bands are small, lightweight watch-like wearables loaded with useful features. They can track your fitness regime, sync with your phone, and offer timely alerts – all this without burning a hole in your pocket.

One such device we came across recently was iVoomi FitMe health band that offers all such features people expect from a fitness band. We decided to take it for a spin and this is what we found out:

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iVoomi FitMe Specifications

Model iVoomi FitMe
Display 0.87-inch OLED, 128×32 pixels resolution and smart touch button
Adaptation iOS 8+, Android 4.4+
Battery 3.7V/90mAh Lithium Polymer battery, Chargeable without a USB cable
Connectivity Bluetooth
Features AQI, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleeping Mode, Running Mode, Steps Count, Calories Burnt, Distance covered,
Others Pedometer, IP67 Water Resistant, Vibration Reminder,
Price Rs. 1,999

iVoomi FitMe Design and Display

  • Soft Rubber-Silicon Strap
  • OLED display; 128 x 32 pixels
  • Comfortable Fit

The iVoomi FitMe fitness band starts off well with its design. It is just like any other fitness band in the market with rubber-silicone strap and a detachable core. We wore the band day and night, and it didn’t irk us. The strap is smooth and clasps perfectly, not letting it fall from your wrist under any circumstances. It is worth mentioning that when you put-on the iVoomi FitMe band the strap is tugged inwards rather than hanging loose.

Moving on, the detachable core has a curved 0.87-inch OLED display and a USB Type-A connector to charge. The core remains firmly intact and you don’t need to worry about it falling off under straining circumstances. It does protrude out a bit and thus accumulates quite a few scratches with regular use.

A sole capacitative button placed on the top facilitates navigation between different stats. Overall, the iVoomi FitMe is a compact, lightweight, and good-looking fitness band that you can wear and flaunt confidently.

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iVoomi FitMe Performance and Interface

  • Pedometer and Heart Rate Sensor works accurately
  • Running Mode and automatic Sleep Tracker
  • App pairing is quick and works fine

The FitMe band does everything you’d expect from an affordable fitness band. It collects and reflects your activity data such as steps walked, distance covered, calories burnt, and heart rate. For detailed logs, you’ll have to download the FitMe Health app to pair with your iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+ phone.

The pairing is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and connect it to the FitMe device. The app will collect data and let you analyse it in stats mode. However, you don’t necessarily need to keep the phone paired all the time, as the band can itself record and store data, and sync it later when you’re connected.

FitMe Health App

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The FitMe Health app also adds new parameters to the FitMe band. For instance, you can set calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other reminders on the wearable as well as the “Sedentary Reminder”, which will remind you to do some activity if you have been sitting idle for a while.

Talking about its performance, results from the FitMe band were mostly accurate. It counts the number of steps you have walked with precision, which sums up the distance covered and calories burnt.

The heart rate sensor, which the band uses to check hear rate after every 15 minutes (you can adjust the frequency), seems to adjust well to your activity and moments of idleness. We can’t speak to its scientific accuracy, but it is a handy feature. We were getting almost similar readings when compared to our Mi Band 2 side by side.

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Additionally, the band can also track your sleep, and includes a running mode that tells you the distance covered, calories burnt and heart rate movements. The FitMe comes with IP67 water and dust-proof certification, which means it will survive minor splash and even occasional dive in the pool, but we will advise you not to take it for a swim.

Other nifty features of the FitMe band include lift-to-wake gesture, alarm function, and Air Quality Index and Weather report.

For Air Quality Index and Weather stats, FitMe syncs data from different web sources, and in our testing, the data didn’t always match with Google’s. Despite these shortcomings, the features are an added bonus on a wearable.

iVoomi FitMe Battery

  • The battery can last up to 4 days on an average usage.
  • No proprietary cable required to recharge

The iVoomi FitMe has decent battery backup. On a single charge, it can last between 3-5 days. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on your usage. If you are a heavy user and using features such as running mode every once in a while, FitMe band’s battery will drain a lot faster.

We find the battery performance slightly on the lower side, knowing that its arch-rival Mi Band 2 offers a whopping 20 days battery back up. But unlike the Mi Band 2, the FitMe doesn’t require a proprietary cable to charge. Simply connect the core to any adapter, power bank or PC.

iVoomi FitMe Review: Should you buy it?


  • Accurate Pedometer
  • Air Quality and Pollution Tracker
  • Chargeable without a USB cable
  • Alarms and Notifications Alert


  • Display could have been sharper
  • App Needs Improvement

The iVoomi FitMe is a feature-rich fitness band available at a reasonable price. The wearable accurately measures your activity log including walking, sleeping, running, and even relaxing and heart rate. It can also track Air Quality and weather, which we find a little inconsistent.

On the downside, we would have liked a more attractive core design and a sharper display.

The iVoomi FitMe is priced at Rs. 1,999 in India and is available exclusively on Flipkart. It does seem a little overpitched compared to the ever popular Mi Band 2, but the FitMe integrate a few extra features which are missing from the Mi band and it should be more readily available. All that makes it a good fitness band to start with.

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