Indian company Intex added two new models to its existing 2.0 range of high-end tower speakers. The new models have been named as the IT- 12006 FMUB & IT- 12005 SUFB, and including these, the company’s total tally stands at 8 models of Tower Speakers, 5 models in 2.0 series, 8 models in 2.1 series, 06 models in 5.1 series and 10 models in 4.1 series (over 40 collectively).

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The Intex IT- 12005 SUFB speaker

These new models come in sporting a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in FM tuner, and can be controlled through remotes. Also, both of these are AUX audio compatible with DVD, PC,LCD TV. Additionally, the IT- 12005 SUFB model also features an SD card slot.

Both the models have a maximum range of 8 meters and are be operated via floor dancing display lights. Furthermore, these are powered with 50W + 50W-rated output power, and have a dedicated cordless MIC function.

The Intex IT- 12006 SUFB speaker

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The two speakers (IT- 12006 FMUB & IT- 12005 SUFB) command a price of Rs 11,400/- and 11,600/- respectively, and will be available through the company’s stores all over the country.

Intex IT- 12005 SUFB  and IT- 12006 FMUB  Specifications

Specifications IT- 12005 SUFB IT- 12006 FMUB
Power Output 50W + 50W 50W + 50W
Speaker Size 13.32cm (5.25”)x4 + 5.08cm (2”)x4 20.32cm (8”)x2 + 12.7cm (5”)x2 + 5.08cm(2”)x2
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz 20Hz – 20KHz
BE/Range V3.0/7 to 10mtrs V3.0/7 to 10mtrs
Cordless MIC Range 7 to 10mtrs 7 to 10mtrs
S/N Ratio ≥ 60db ≥ 60db
Separation ≥ 40db ≥ 40db
Sensitivity ≤500mVrms @ 1KHz ≤500mV @ 1KHz
FM Frequency 88MHz to 108MHz 87.5MHz to 108MHz
Power Supply AC 110V-265V/50-60Hz AC 110V-265V/50-60Hz

Intex has been a pioneer in introducing the widest range of affordable yet high-tech speakers over the years. We have always focused on premier craftsmanship and engineering techniques to make our products stand out in the market and be a delight for the consumers. This new range range of Tower Speakers is bespoke for all types of consumer needs and are sure to be loved by the tech-savvy consumers .

– Nidhi Markanday, Director & Business Head, Intex Technologies


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