Intel Unison lets you connect your PC to iOS and Android phones

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One of the largest chipmakers in the world, Intel launched its next-gen Intel 13th-Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPUs a few days ago. What’s interesting is that Intel has launched a new cross-platform collaboration tool dubbed Intel Unison that allows users to connect their PC with their iOS or Android phones alike. Here’s more information that you can wrap your head around to know about it better.

Intel Unison lets you connect your Android/iOS phone to the PC

Built on Screenovate, an Israeli startup that launched Dell Mobile Connect, the Intel Unison lets you connect your Android or iOS devices to the PCs powered by 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake processors as well as a few Intel Evo 12th Gen processors.

Intel Unison lets you connect your PC to iOS and Android phones

The tool allows users to make phone calls, send and receive SMS, transfer documents, drag and drop photos, receive notifications and you name it. It even lets you use the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen of your PC to control the same. Although it does appear to be similar to Microsoft’s Phone Link (or Your Phone), it offers functionalities across both iPhones and Android systems, unlike Microsoft’s solution.

Intel Unison lets you connect your PC to iOS and Android phones

All it uses is Bluetooth or the WiFi from your phone to connect and bingo, you can certainly bid adieu to your phone (at least for some time) now that your PC has all the things your phones can do. Intel is working with the laptop makes in order to optimize the feature allowing it to have higher reliability, and maximum battery life even when connected over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi where both are power-hungry features.

The software will be initially available pre-installed, however, the chipmaker has mentioned that it will release the tool as a direct download option too. As mentioned, the feature is available across all the 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPUs from Intel that will make their way through sometime early next year. For those using the aforementioned Intel Evo 12th Gen desktop CPUs, the feature will be rolled out as early as this year across offerings from Lenovo, HP, and Acer.

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