Inspired By The Success Of Qiku, Micromax To Launch A New Sub-Brand Kela


Last year, Xiaomi became ultra-popular in India, simultaneously expanding boundaries of Indian Online Market and popularizing flash sales. Micromax felt threatened and reacted promptly with a new online-flash-sale-following-sub-brand YU and it was Mi VS YU (Me vs You) all around.  Now with the success of QiKU, pronounced as Cheeku (Sapota fruit in hindi), Micromax finds itself in a similar situation, and will reportedly launch a new sub-brand Kela (Banana).

Industry sources confirm that the first Kela smartphone will be called Kela B Mera, and will be a direct rival to Qiku Q Terra in India. Kela B Mera will launch in June next year, But Micromax’s hyper-active marketing machinery will start its promotional campaign from January itself with the hashtag #KelaPower.


The company has already shot the prototype from 300 different angles and is ready with a set of fuzzy images it will be using in promotional teasers that will pitch Kela B Mera against all tier-1 flagships.

Commenting on the launch Rahul Sharma, Co-founder of Kela said, “Our first choice was Saib, but we didn’t want to be like  those companies who blatantly copy Cupertino Giant Apple ( obviously taking a jab at Xiaomi), so we decided to go with Kela. Kela, is rich in Potassium, which is known to make you smarter, thus  it was the apt choice for our next smartphone brand.”


Vineet Taneja, CEO Micromax Mobiles, was also in a jubilant mood, “I am very fond of Kelas. Our new sub-brand will support the fastest 4G Network in India and will have 20 software features to compress whatever you download on 4G to make your 100MB data last for 365 days. It will also include 500 pre-loaded apps so you don’t have to waste your precious 4G data downloading them.”

The company is still undecided about official website as all domain names have already been reserved by Indian porn industry and a simple Google search for product name is returning horrifying results.

Key Specifications

Model Kela B Mera
Display 6 Inch curved display with 4K resolution
Processor 5 GHz Snapdragon 850 Deca-Core Chipset
Internal Storage 2TB (4.2GB available at user end)
Software Android N Developer Preview
Primary Camera 20 MP Camera, Can click 500MP Billboard images with software interpolation, 5 LED flash, 4K and 360 degree video recording
Secondary Camera Rear camera module can be peeled off and mounted at the front for selfies
Dimensions and weight 15mm thick, 183 Grams
Battery 2000mAh (Reportedly from excess stocks of Canvas HD)
Others 4G LTE, Tripple SIM, Retina scanner, cough to unlock
Price 1000 INR cheaper than QiKU Q Terra


Disclaimer: Everything you just read is pure fiction and has nothing to do with facts. Just enjoy the humor.



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