India directs Industry to switch to USB-C standards by 2025

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Following in the footsteps of the EU, India has made USB Type-C a standard, with the goal of all smartphone manufacturers adopting it for all devices by 2025. The EU also told all smartphones and portal devices in the region to have USB-C ports by 2025 to reduce e-waste creation.

India to standardize USB-C by 2025

According to Business Standard, India aims to make USB-C a standard charging connector for smartphones and wearable gadgets. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has established quality standards for OEMs’ products.

There will be two common port standards in India starting in 2025. Secretary of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Rohit Kumar Singh said.

The 2025 deadline reportedly resulted from discussions with industry players. If you recall, the Indian government and a few organisations met last month to discuss the subject. Rohit Kumar Singh served as its chairman. This new modification is anticipated to take effect gradually to make it simpler for people to embrace. “BIS has notified standards for type C chargers and the government will come up with two common types of charging ports for mobiles and wearable electronic devices.

The impact of the modification and how well it addresses the e-waste problem will be examined by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change (MoEFCC). Additionally, users will save money since just one charger is needed for most products.

Nevertheless, it is still determined whether USB-C will become the norm for other gadgets like tablets, laptops, and other electronics.
Given that the majority of smartphones already come with USB-C, the majority of Android OEMs will be able to adapt to the transition readily. However, it is still being determined how quickly Apple will do the same. The Cupertino behemoth has already affirmed that it will abide by the new rule, and the upcoming iPhone 15 series with USB-C may be on the horizon.

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