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The government of India has been gunning for Chinese apps ever since the Indo-china clash in the Ladakh region. Since then the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps followed by 47 more apps. Today, the Modi government has slapped a ban on Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Pro app in the country. The government points to data privacy and security concerns as a reason for this ban.

This isn’t the first instance when a Xiaomi app has been banned over the data security concern. Back on June 29, the government banned 59 apps including Xiaomi’s Mi Community app.

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If you are a Xiaomi smartphone owner and are concerned about the pre-installed Mi Browser on your phone, you need not worry. The banned Mi Brower Pro and pre-installed Mi Brower are different apps. For now, the pre-installed Mi Brower on your phone hasn’t been banned by the government.

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What will be the impact of this ban on Xiaomi? Well, the biggest impact it could have on Xiaomi is that it would dent the brands image. The ban could very well be a temporary one as Xiaomi is likely to engage with the government agencies to address their concerns.

Apart from the brand’s image, Xiaomi is likely to take a hit in value-added services revenue which are dependent on Mi Brower Pro and Mi Community and other similar apps. Xiaomi makes millions from such value-added services.


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