Vistara In-flight WiFi India
Vistara In-flight WiFi India

In case you didn’t know, India and North Korea are the only two nations that lack WiFi service within flights. Up until now, not just domestic airlines but foreign airlines also had to turn off ‘in-flight connectivity via WiFi’ once they entered the Indian airspace. But, this is going to change pretty soon! The Govt. Of India has revised the Aircraft rules which allows WiFi services within domestic flights.

This means going forth you should be able to enjoy in-flight entertainment through your laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, e-reader or point of sale device, even when they are in flight mode.

Vistara will be the first to accommodate this in its Dreamliners and Airbus 321 aircraft. The company CEO Leslie Thng has confirmed the news.

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Vistara In-flight WiFi India
Vistara In-flight WiFi India

That’s definitely good news for the fliers. But, there’s a catch!

As per the new notification, the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) can grant the WiFi access via an in-flight Wi-Fi system. However, first of all, airlines need to fulfill some criteria. Thereupon, the Director-General will grant a certification to set up this system. One such condition as shared by an official states that all the external doors of the airplane must be closed following loading until the moment when any such door is opened for disembarkation.

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Initially, the functionality would be limited to just data. But it shouldn’t take so long before you will get to make calls using Vo-WiFi.

Lastly, albeit not mentioned yet, the cost of in-flight Wi-Fi and related services are likely to come as inclusive of your plane ticket fare.


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