How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phones?

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Google Play Store is the haven of apps and you can find any app you wish on this marketplace. but the thing is, you can’t install every app. Sometimes, the app you are using isn’t useful enough or maybe you found an alternative and deleted it to make way for something better only to realize that app was better. Alternatively, it could be a glitch or malware that tossed one (or many) of your favorite installed apps meaning you would be scouring to find them and install them. 

How do you find all the deleted apps on Android and install them? Luckily, Android phones are equipped with the capability to let you find and recover deleted apps (hush) and that’s a blessing in its safety. Let’s see why you need to recover deleted apps and how to do it.

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Why Do You Need To Recover Deleted Apps?

In most cases, you would go and uninstall an app that you don’t find worthy enough. However, there could be several reasons why the apps got deleted and why you want to recover it.

For instance, you were trying to clear the storage on your device and accidentally kicked off an app. Another reason could be simply accidentally uninstallation since it takes just a few taps before an entire app vanishes. One of the most prudent issues happens when you are transferring data or cloning a phone to another, especially when it’s an Android to iPhone transfer. That’s when most people might accidentally toss their favorite apps and might not even recall the names at times. 

Of course, I could go on and on but I am sure you got the point. 

How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phones?

Now that you know why this bit is important for you, let’s see exactly how you can recover apps on your Android devices.

Recover Apps Via the Google Play Store

How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phones?
  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Tap on your Google profile located in the top-right corner.
  3. Select “Manage Apps & Devices” which should open a list of apps installed on your device. 
  4. On the top, you’ll see two options – Overview and Manage. 
  5. The first pill says ‘Installed’ by default so tap on it and change it to ‘Not Installed’. This is where you get a list of apps that were earlier installed on your device but aren’t anymore.
  6. You can select the apps one by one or select all at once and hit the ‘Download’ logo on the top-right corner that will be fine for downloading all the apps listed here. 

Recover Deleted Android Apps Using Recovery Tool

Another method you can get your hands on deleted Android apps is via recovery tools such as PhoneRescue and DroidKit. Most of these apps are free but you need to have a companion laptop/desktop to find the deleted apps. Also, the effectiveness of such apps may be limited so you will have to take care of that as well. Some of the recovery tools that I have seen and used are – PhoneRescue, DroidKit, Recuva, Dr. Fone Recovery Tool, etc. 

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