How To Pay LIC Premium Payment Online Through PayTM, Net Banking, Credit Card, and more

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Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is the largest insurance and investment corporation in India with a total of 290 million policyholders as of 2019. If you are a LIC policyholder, you are required to pay its premium on a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annual basis as usual.

Depending upon what policy you have bought, you will get health and life coverage, etc. Circling back to policy payments, LIC has made it quite easy to make the payments since you can do it via net banking, UPI apps like Google Pay and PayTM, credit cards, and more. Let’s have a look at all the ways you can use to pay the premium payments online.

How To Pay LIC Premium Payment Online Using UPI apps

This is undoubtedly the easiest way in India to pay LIC premium payments. As more smartphone users are getting their UPI addresses, it makes it pretty easy to pay the dues within a few taps. Let’s see the procedure for three major UPI apps available in India. Note that other UPI apps will have similar procedures assuming that they have LIC policy premium payment options available.

Using Google Pay

Google Pay

Step 1: First, open the Google Pay app.
Step 2: Tap on “Pay Bills” on the home screen, scroll to find it, or use the search feature.
Step 3: Search for “LIC” and tap on it.
Step 4: You need to enter details regarding the policy aka policy number, email ID, and nickname, and connect your LIC policy with the Google Pay account.
Step 5: Check if you have any pending payments aka incoming premiums that you need to pay.
Step 6: When you find it, tap on it and hit the “Proceed to Pay” option.
Step 7: Select the bank as instructed, enter the UPI ID and you should be able to make the payments.
Step 8: Let the payment process itself and wait for some time to get a notification from your bank (which processed the payment) and LIC (that intercepted the premium payment).

Using Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Step 1: First up is to open the Amazon app and go to its Amazon Pay feature.
Step 2: Next up, scroll to find “Insure and Invest” followed by “Insurance Premium”.
Step 3: Next, select the name of the insurer which is “Life Insurance Corporation of India” i.e. LIC.
Step 4: You need to enter the policy number and the email ID and click on “Fetch Premium”.
Step 5: Enter the details as asked to know the premium that you need to pay.
Step 6: Tap on “Continue to Pay” and you should get sources to make the payments. For Amazon Pay UPI, enter your UPI and complete the payment to get the payment done.

Using PayTM


Step 1: You need to open the PayTM app on your phone.
Step 2: Scroll to find “Recharge and Bill Payments” and tap on “View More”.
Step 3: You need to search for “LIC of India” under the Insurance section.
Step 4: Next, enter the policy number as prompted and hit “Proceed”.
Step 5: You will be asked to enter some details necessary to find out the pending premium amount.
Step 6: You should be able to check if there are any cashback and promo codes available to use against the payment and proceed.
Step 7: You need to select the payment mode as UPI (since we are talking about UPI here) and make the payment.
Step 8: Record the transaction till you get a confirmation from LIC regarding the completion of the payment.

Using PhonePe


PhonePe is currently the most used UPI app in India, recording more transactions than Google Pay. Assuming that you could be using PhonePe, let’s see how you can make the premium payment online using this app.
Step 1: Launch the PhonePe app.
Step 2: Find the “Recharge and Pay Bills” option and hit “See All”.
Step 3: You should be able to find “LIC/Insurance” where you need to select “Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)”.
Step 4: As usual, you will have to enter your policy number and email ID and “Confirm” and it will show up your premium amount.
Step 5: Tap on “Confirm and Pay” and use the UPI address you have to complete the transaction. As usual, make a note of the transaction number and other details until the transaction is fully processed.

How To Pay LIC Premium Payment Online Using LIC App

Luckily, you have a tonne of options when it comes to paying LIC premium payments. The LIC app is available on both App Store and Play Store that you download. Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to get the premium payment.
Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iPhones).
Step 2: Click on “Proceed” and select “Advance Premium” or “Renewal Premium” whichever you get under “Pay Direct”.
Step 3: You will need to enter all the details including policy number, mobile number, etc, and hit the “Submit” button.
Step 4: The app should pull out all the policy information based on the data you provided so check it and hit the “Proceed” button.
Step 5: Click on “Check & Pay” and you should be able to check the payment modes to complete it.
Step 6: Make sure to download the payment receipt and await confirmation from LIC whether the premium has been paid or not.

How To Pay LIC Premium Payment Online Using LIC Website

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the juggernaut when it comes to all sorts of life and health insurance among other investment products. To continue using the same policy and its benefits, you need to pay its premiums at an agreed-upon timeline. You can use its website to pay the premiums as well so let’s check out how you can do it. Let’s bifurcate it into two categories i.e. registered users and non-registered users.

LIC Website

Paying LIC premium For Registered Users

Assuming that you are a registered user and have login credentials on the LIC website, here’s how you can process the premium payment.
Step 1: Firstly, visit
Step 2: Tap on “Pay Premium through e-Services” under the “Registered Users” section.
Step 3: Use your login credentials to fill up the details and “Sign In”.
Step 4: Tap on “Individual Policy Details” where you need to select the policy that you want to pay a premium for (if there are multiple).
Step 5: Once you select the policy number that you want to transaction for, hit the “Check & Pay” option under “Billing Info” and you should get the details on exactly how much you are required to pay.
Step 6: Tap on “Check & Pay” and you will be redirected to the payments page where you can select anything from credit cards to internet banking to e-Wallets and others to select and pay.
Step 7: Select “Check & Pay” and you should now check the preferred payment mode and complete the payment accordingly.
Step 8: You should be able to download the receipt after the payment is successful.

Paying LIC Premium for Non-registered Users

Let’s say you aren’t a registered user and still want to pay the premium payment on your LIC policy. Let’s dive into the procedure that you need to follow.
Step 1: First up, go to
Step 2: Tap on “Pay Direct” under the “Non-registered Users” section.
Step 3: Tap on “Advance Premium” or “Renewal Premium” and you should be able to go forward, hit “Proceed”.
Step 4: You will have to enter the policy number, mobile number, email ID, DOB, installment premium amount, and other details.
Step 5: Select “I Agree” and the “Submit” button and the website should pull all the information related to your policy.
Step 6: Once you are done checking the details, tap on “Proceed >> Check & Pay”.
Step 7: You should get abundant payment options right here that you can use to pay, tap on “Check & Pay” and select the mode that you want to use to make the payment.
Step 8: Make sure to download the receipt after successful payment and await paid premium confirmation from the LIC to mark the job done.

How To Pay LIC Premium Payments Using Debit/Credit Cards

The process of paying via credit card is the same as net banking. Here, the only difference is that instead of using net banking or UPI, or other methods, you need to select “Cards” and use your debit/credit card details to make the payment. Do download the receipt and keep it handy until LIC acknowledges and processes the premium payment.

If you are a credit card user, look out for offers on your credit card. HDFC CC users get 1% cashback on paying the premium with a max cashback of Rs 200. Similarly, the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank CC gets 2% unlimited reward points. Credit cards will have different offers that you can avail to get a smooth deal on making LIC premium payment online.

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